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Déry, Stephen
University of Northern British Columbia
climate change, water security, hydrometeorology, flow regulation, hydrological modelling, water temperature, atmospheric rivers, Nechako Watershed, climate projections, field monitoring
D'Amours, Sophie
Université Laval
Logistics, transportation, supply chain management, activity integration and synchronization, strategic network design, operations management, collaborative planning, agent-based simulation, optimization, operations research
Dahn, Jeff
Dalhousie University
Lithium-ion batteries, long lifetime, high energy density, materials science, advanced testing methods, electrolyte additives, new positive electrode materials, new negative electrode materials, materials synthesis and characterization
Danovitch, David
Université de Sherbrooke
advanced packaging, 3D packaging, flip chip, rework, lead-free solder, tin-copper intermetallics, thin silicon chips, capillary underfill, wafer debonding
Daymond, Mark
Queen's University
Metallurgy, materials engineering, nuclear materials, radiation effects, materials modelling
Debbabi, Mourad
Concordia University
Smart Grid, Cyber Security, Smart Grid Security, Cyber-Physical Security, Security of Smart Grid Protocols, Wide Area Measurement Systems, System Network Management, Intelligent Electronic Devices, Detection, Prevention and Mitigation, Attack Recovery
del Giorgio, Paul A.
Université du Québec à Montréal
Aquatic C biogeochemistry, lakes, rivers, boreal, taiga, carbon biogeochemistry, greenhouse gases, regional C balance, land-water coupling, climate, hydroelectric reservoirs
DeMartini, Nikolai
University of Toronto
pulp and paper, kraft chemical recovery, Scaling of heat transfer surfaces, inorganic salt solubility, alkaline solutions, thermal conversion, biomass, waste
Desjardins, Yves
Université Laval
polyphenols, prebiotics, intestinal microbiome, fruits and vegetables, tannins, metabolomics, metagenomics, inter-individual variability, metabotypes, functional ingredients
DesRochers, Annie
Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Silviculture, boreal forest, biodiversity, fast-growing plantations, restoring productivity, forest productivity, hybrid poplars, mixed plantations, forest regeneration, site restoration
Desrochers, Alain
Université de Sherbrooke
aluminum, processing, design, production, assembly, prototype, product, project, training, industry
Dick, Terry A.
University of Manitoba
Freshwater and marine food webs, fish, habitat, traditional and scientific knowledge, resource management, environmental assessment
Doré, Guy
Université Laval
road pavements, action of heavy loads, frost action, precipitation, pavement materials, pavement assessment, road deterioration, pavement design, urban pavements, dynamic behaviour of vehicles
Driscoll, Mark
McGill University
design, medical device, interdisciplinary, innovation, inventions, medical technologies, biomechanics, orthopaedics, spine, simulation
Drouin, Dominique
Université de Sherbrooke
advanced packaging, multi-chip module, silicon photonics, assembly processes, high density interconnects, high-performance computing, embedded sensors, thermal modelling
Page 1 / 1 (15 results)



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