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Fafard, Mario
Université Laval
Aluminum, anode, cathode, multiphysical behaviour, Hall-Héroult cell, lifespan, energy efficiency, constitutive laws, refractory materials, numerical modelling, heat transfer
Farenhorst, Annemieke
University of Manitoba
Prairies, Women in Science, Agriculture and Engineering, Indigenous, Girls, Outreach, Role Models and Mentorship, Scholarships, Professional Development Workshops, Survey Research.
Faubert, Jocelyn
Université de Montréal
Perception, Virtual reality, Immersion, Aging, Multisensory integration, Cognition, Posture control, Presbyopia, Distortions, Optics
Faucher, Luc
Cégep de Sept-Îles
Railway operations, reliability of mining trains and rail infrastructure, ore transport, predictive maintenance, sensors and detectors, real-time information on railway equipment, telemetry, modelling and simulation, failure model, data processing
Fayek, Aminah Robinson
University of Alberta
Decision support systems, fuzzy logic, subjective knowledge, construction productivity, construction management, organizational competency, risk assessment, fuzzy system dynamics, fuzzy agent-based modelling, fuzzy hybrid systems
Fenton, Nicole
Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
biodiversity, boreal, aboriginal, mines, plants, vertebrates, wetlands, bryophytes, lichens, mining
Ferguson, Philip
University of Manitoba
satellites, attitude control, navigation, space objects, composites, reaction wheels, drones, simulation, orbit control, manufacturing
Fernandez, José Manuel
Polytechnique Montréal
cybersecurity, ontology, co-evolution, cyberphysical system security, co-emulation, advanced security analytics, security operation centre
Fliss, Ismaïl
Université Laval
food microbiology, microbial ecology, digestive physiology, colonic microbiota, lactic cultures, bioprotectors, functional materials, natural antimicrobials, biopreservation of foods, food safety, animal health
Fortin, André
Université Laval
scientific computing, finite elements, numerical simulation, pneumatics, mesh adaptation and error control, turbulent flows
Foster, Johan
The University of British Columbia
Fibers, forest products, bioproducts, pulp, composites, characterization, visualization, nanocomposites, cellulose nanomaterials, lignin
Fréchette, Luc
Université de Sherbrooke
microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), microsystems, microfabrication, thin films, functional materials, vacuum packaging, piezoelectric materials, energy harvesting, sensors, microbolometers
Fradette, Louis
École Polytechnique de Montréal
technology, hydrodynamics, models, emulsification, viscosity, rheology, elasticity, multi-phase systems, concentrated emulsions, Pickering
Franz-Odendaal, Tamara
Mount Saint Vincent University
Atlantic, Mentoring, Girls, STEM, Networking Summer Camps, Science Events, Professional Development
Fraser, Lauchlan
Thompson Rivers University
ecosystem reclamation; ecological restoration; biodiversity; biosolids land application; climate change; grasslands; metagenomics; mine closure; wetlands.
Fraser, David
The University of British Columbia
Animal welfare, animal ethics, animal welfare standards, farm animals, laboratory animals, companion animals, wildlife
Friesen, Marcia
University of Manitoba
Engineering design; engineering practice; sustainable development; sustainable design; Indigenous Knowledge; Indigenous design; design spine; engineers-in-residence; engineering education; engineering education research.
Page 1 / 1 (17 results)


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