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Gagnon, Graham
Dalhousie University
Civil engineering, environmental engineering, drinking water, watershed management, distribution systems, direct filtration, disinfection, waste management, corrosion
Gagnon, François
École de technologie supérieure
Wireless communication, cognitive radio, heterogeneous wireless networks, spectrum sensing, secure communication, modulation and coding
Gamal El-Din, Mohamed
University of Alberta
Oil sands industry, oil sands process-affected water, water treatment strategies, process fundamentals, water treatment processes, advanced/conventional treatment, development of materials/processes, scaling-up of treatment processes, field pilots, safe release
Gauvin, Raynald
McGill University
Scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, x-ray microanalysis, lithium-ion batteries
Gerlich, Adrian
University of Waterloo
Welding, metallurgy, arc welding, steel, pipeline, energy infrastructure, materials processing, mechanical properties, weld integrity, productivity
Ghose, Shohini
Wilfrid Laurier University
Equity, diversity, inclusion, gender, underrepresentation, minorities, intersectionality, recruitment, retention, systemic barriers
Gole, Aniruddha
University of Manitoba
power system modelling, electromagnetic transients, real-time simulation, HVDC, FACTS, Transmission Lines, Cables, optimization, decision support tools
Grasselli, Giovanni
University of Toronto
hydraulic fracturing, reservoir geomechanics, seismic attenuation, X-ray micro-CT, low-permeability reservoir modelling, finite-discrete element modelling, shale gas, laboratory test, fluid migration, microseismicity.
Gries, Gerhard
Simon Fraser University
Insects, communication ecology, chemical ecology, communication signals, mechanisms of communication, pheromones, semiochemicals, bioacoustics, insect control, insect pest management
Grossman, Tovi
University of Toronto
human-computer interaction, automation, augmented reality, virtual reality, learning, generative design, design tools, fabrication
Gu, Frank
University of Toronto
Nanomaterials, nanomedicine, drug delivery, photonic materials, biosensors, pathogens, biomaterials, light management, medical devices
Page 1 / 1 (11 results)



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