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Habashi, Wagdi
McGill University
Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multidisciplinary Applications of CFD, Aero-Icing, Supercooled Large Droplets, Optimization of Ice Protection Systems, Mesh Adaptation, Reduced Order Modeling, Large-scale Computing.
Haber, Eldad
The University of British Columbia
computational geoscience, computational electromagnetics, inverse problems, optimal design
Habibi, Saeid
McMaster University
control, hybrid electric powertrain, diagnostics, prognostics, fault detection, estimation, filtering, variable structure systems, Variable Structure Filter, cognitive dynamics
Hadjisophocleous, George
Carleton University
Fire safety, fire risk, performance-based building codes, fire modelling, smoke movement, occupant evacuation, design fires, fire scenarios
Haegeli, Pascal
Simon Fraser University
Snow avalanches, avalanche safety, outdoor recreation, snowpack modelling, avalanche hazard forecasting, risk management, decision making, GPS tracking, decision aids, risk analysis
Hanessian, Stephen
Université de Montréal
Medicinal chemistry; drug design and synthesis; organic synthetic methodology; drug prototypes
Hassan, Esteve
Mohawk College
IoT, Sensors, Instrumentation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Smart Industrial Devices, Wearables
Hendry, Michael
University of Alberta
railway engineering, risk management, reliability, rail steel, cold climate, cold environment
Hendry, M. James
University of Saskatchewan
Groundwater, contamination, mining, chemistry, clay, solute transport, aquitards, diffusion, chemical reaction, isotopes
Hewitt, Kevin
Dalhousie University
Hoa, Suong Van
Concordia University
mechanical engineering, materials, aerospace, analysis, design, manufacturing, software development, composite materials, composite structures, automated manufacturing
Hodgson, Antony
The University of British Columbia
Interdisciplinary, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, assistive technology, disability, rehabilitation engineering, capstone design, senior design project
Hofmann, Ron
University of Toronto
drinking water, ultraviolet, biofiltration, mussels, activated carbon, advanced oxidation, membranes, fluorescence, EEM, byproducts
Hooton, Douglas
University of Toronto
cement, concrete, concrete durability, sustainable concrete, green house gas emissions, sulphate resistance, alkali-silica reactions, de-icer salts, Portland-limestone cement, metakaolin, performance tests
Huang, Biao
University of Alberta
Chemical engineering, process control, oil sands, data mining, estimation, monitoring, optimization, filtering, process identification, soft sensors
Huck, Peter M.
University of Waterloo
water treatment, water supply, drinking water, water quality, human health, climate change, robustness, cyanotoxins, lead, corrosion
Humphries, Murray
McGill University
Physiological ecology, biodiversity, northern research, traditional food security, theoretical ecology, climate change, mammal energetics
Page 1 / 1 (17 results)



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