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Kaminsky, Heather
Northern Alberta Inst. of Technology
fluid fine tailings, oil sands, clays, flocculation, coagulation, solid liquid separation, technology screening, tailings chemistry, geotechnical stability, methylene blue index
Karimi, Shahram
Lambton College of Applied Arts and Technology
Electrochemical Power Sources, Sustainable Energy Generation & Storage, Hybrid Energy Systems, Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells, Secondary Batteries, Nano-engineered Materials, Green Hydrogen Generation, Electrocatalysis & Electrosynthesis, Pulsed Electrodeposition, Corrosion.
Karst, Justine
University of Alberta
boreal forest, reclamation, restoration ecology, roots, soils, mycorrhizas, microbes, lean oil sand, petroleum hydrocarbons, ecosystem function
Kerschbaum, Florian
University of Waterloo
Computer science, computer security, security, privacy, data security, data privacy, data protection, cryptography, machine learning, data science
Khajepour, Amir
University of Waterloo
Vehicle safety, Vehicle control, Vehicle states and parameters estimation, Vehicle stability, Electric vehicles, Autonomous vehicles, Drive by wire
Khandani, Amir
University of Waterloo
Optical Networks, Information Theory, Cooperative Transmission, Optical MIMO, Coding/Modulation for Coherent Optic, Channel Memory Compensation, Interference Channel, Broadcast Channel, Multiple Access Channel
Khendek, Ferhat
Concordia University
Software management, model-driven engineering, cloud, availability, scalability, configuration management, upgrade, network function virtualization (NFV), monitoring, testing
Athabasca University
Mobile learning, personalization, adaptivity, student modelling, location modelling, authentic learning, collaborative learning, problem-based learning, context modelling, cognitive profiling
Kirubarajan, Thia
McMaster University
target tracking, information fusion, radar tracking, surveillance systems, autonomous systems, video tracking, maritime surveillance, sonar tracking, data fusion, situational awareness
Konrad, Jean-Marie
Université Laval
embankment dam, riprap, till core, monitoring, modelling, geostatistics, coupled analysis, seismic behaviour, thermal, hydric and mechanical properties, climate
Krewski, Daniel
University of Ottawa
risk science, risk assessment, risk management, quantitative risk assessment, risk policy, decision making principles, risk communication, risk perception, technological risk, environmental risk
Kruchten, Philippe
The University of British Columbia
interdisciplinary project, product design, assistive devices, biomedical engineering
Kumar, Amit
University of Alberta
Renewable Energy, Conventional Energy, Energy Systems Modeling, Energy Forecasting and Planning, Life Cycle Assessment, Techno-economic Assessment, Energy Ratios, Greenhouse Gas Abatement, Cost benefit analysis, Bioenergy and biofuels, Biomass supply and logistics.
Kuznicki, Steven
University of Alberta
molecular sieves, zeolites, air separation, nanomaterials, adsorption, ion exchange, water purification, separations, natural gas purification, oil sands upgrading
Page 1 / 1 (14 results)



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