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Léger, Pierre-Majorique
HEC Montréal
User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Information Technology (IT), Information System (IS), Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Neuroscience, Neurophysiology, Neurophysiological measurements, Physiological/Affective Computing.
Laarman, Anne
University of Alberta
animal science, dairy, calves, nutrition, physiology, epithelium, nutrient absorption, rumen pH, gut development, host-microbiome interaction
Labeau, Fabrice
McGill University
information infrastructure, smart power grid, powerline communications, impulsive noise, MIMO, distributed processing, error-correcting codes, signal processing, cross-layer designs, data transmission
Lambert, Steve
University of Waterloo
Design engineering, design education, case studies, co-op education, engineering simulations
Landhäusser, Simon
University of Alberta
Forest Ecology, disturbance ecology, mining, reclamation, silviculture, forest succession, forest regeneration, silvics, seedling production, growth and productivity, leaf area development, root systems, carbon allocation, tree physiology
Landry, Véronic
Université Laval
Finishing of indoor wood products, chemical densification, densification processes, fire protection, UV polymerization.
Langelier, Eve
Université de Sherbrooke
Women, science, engineering, promotion, recruitment, retention, diversity, stereotypes, sensitization, coaching
LaPointe, Gisèle
University of Guelph
microbial ecology, gut health, milk spoilage, milk contamination, silage, cheese starters, cheese ripening, dairy ingredients, fibre, probiotics
Laurendeau, Denis
Université Laval
artificial vision, multimodal data acquisition, 3-D scanning, modelling, simulation, visualization, action, human-machine interaction, biometrology, industrial inspection
Laviolette, François
Université Laval
machine learning; interpretable model; big data analysis; unstructured or semi-structured data processing; fuzzy rule-based models; deep learning; natural language processing; georeferenced data processing; visual representation processing; knowledge discovery
Le-Ngoc, Tho
McGill University
dense broadband wireless access networks, massive-MIMO, full-duplex wireless communications, large-scale adaptive antenna-array structures, intelligent signal processing, adaptive beam modulation/coding, hybrid beam-forming and precoding, medium-access, dynamic spectrum sharing and resource allocation
LeBel, Luc
Université Laval
forest engineering, agility, decision support, forest supply, collaboration, artificial intelligence, logistics, optimization, simulation, Industry 4.0
Leconte, Robert
Université de Sherbrooke
hydrology, water resources, remote sensing, hydrological modelling, hydrological forecasting, data assimilation, microwave remote sensing, snow, soil moisture
Li, Simon
University of Calgary
Design theory and methodology; product development; design for sustainability; quality engineering; manufacturing systems; systems engineering; capstone design projects; heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC); design optimization; engineering education
Lindsay, Matthew
University of Saskatchewan
oil sands, mining, tailings, petroleum coke, groundwater, geochemistry, closure, reclamation
Liu, Yang
University of Alberta
Resource recovery, municipal wastewater treatment, decentralized urban water systems, bioreactors, source diverted blackwater, upflow anaerobic sludge blanket, anammox and nitritation, aerobic granular sludge, anaerobic methane oxidation, chemical and microbial risks
Luxat, John
McMaster University
Nuclear safety, nuclear safety analysis, best estimate and uncertainty methods, nuclear safety thermal hydraulics, critical heat flux, post-dryout heat transfer, quenching
Page 1 / 1 (17 results)



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