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MacQuarrie, Stephanie
Cape Breton University
Mahinpey, Nader
University of Calgary
CO2 capture technologies, Oil sands operations, Chemical looping, Low-temperature solid sorbents, Oxygen carriers, Kinetics and reaction, Process modelling, Material fabrications, Alkali carbonates, Amino acids
Mahseredjian, Jean
École Polytechnique de Montréal
Electric power systems, electromagnetic transients, numerical models, detailed circuit level models, wideband, multi-time-frame simulation, off-line simulation, real-time simulation, parallel computations, accelerated computations
Malcolm, Alison
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Oil and gas exploration; Reservoir characterization; Earth imaging; Seismic exploration; Laboratory acoustics and elasticity; High-performance computing; Wave-wave interactions; Inverse problems; Nonlinear elasticity; Physical modelling
Marriott, Robert
University of Calgary
High-pressure thermodynamics, adsorption, gas conditioning, molecular sieves, hydrates, carbon sequestration, acid gas injection.
Marsden, Catharine
Concordia University
Design, aerospace, engineering education, apprenticeship, teaching, industry collaboration, design teaching, design methodologies, integrated learning, capstone project
Martez, Vita
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Steam generation, Clean Technologies, Alternative Energy, Water Innovation, GHGs reduction, Clean Energy, Grid power, Cogeneration, Electricity, Energy Storage Batteries.
Martin, Derek
University of Alberta
railway, geomechanics, geotechnical, cold regions, risk analysis, ground hazard, winter service reliability, subgrade, ballast, fracture toughness
Martinu, Ludvik
École Polytechnique de Montréal
coating and thin film technologies, Film deposition and fabrication processes, Plasma- and ion-based processes, Optical, protective and tribological coatings, Mechanical and tribo-corrosion properties, Smart and functional coating materials, Plasma diagnostics and reactor engineering, Optical filters for optics, optoelectronics and architectural glass, Protective coatings for aircraft, satellites and manufacturing components, Functional coatings for energy generation, control and saving
Mavriplis, Catherine
University of Ottawa
women in science and engineering, diversity, outreach, interdisciplinary research with the social sciences, leadership, entrepreneurship, Aboriginal peoples, STEM education, Canadian archives of women scientists, Northern Ontario
McDermid, Joseph
McMaster University
Galvanizing, advanced high strength steels, ferrous physical metallurgy, automotive lightweighting, selective oxidation, reactive wetting, interfacial reactions and kinetics
McElroy, Charles Thomas
York University
climate change, atmospheric measurements, satellite missions, instrument development, Arctic research, space research, atmospheric science, ozone science, spectroscopy, radiative transfer
McIver, Jr., William
New Brunswick Community College
computer science, interoperability, security, location-based services, applied research, innovation, design thinking, interconnected consumer experience, responsive web design, mobile first design strategies
Messier, Christian
Université du Québec à Montréal
tree growth, vegetation control, vegetation dynamics, tree modelling, forest ecology, functional ecology, tree ecophysiology, mechanical stability, ecophysiology
Mongrain, Rosaire
McGill University
design, medical device, interdisciplinary, innovation, inventions, medical technologies, biomechanics, orthopaedics, spine, simulation
Mori, Boyd
University of Alberta
Agriculture, insects, chemical ecology, molecular ecology, integrated pest management, host plant resistance, pheromone monitoring, biological control
Morin, Hubert
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
landscape, natural disturbances, paleoecology, dendrochronology, climate change, spruce budworm, xylogenesis, black spruce, macroremains, black spruce growth
Moslemi, Reza
Fleming College
water network, pipeline, advanced asset management, condition assessment, leak detection, acoustic data, predictive modeling, machine learning, big data processing, remote sensors
Mousavi, Pedram
University of Alberta
antenna, phased array, wireless power transfer, wireless sensor, GPS antennas, microwave and mm-wave circuits, antenna measurement
Moustapha, Hany
École de technologie supérieure
Propulsion system, Design Integration and Optimization, Conceptual Design, Aero-Engine, Design Process, Multidiscipline Design Optimization, Turbines
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