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Rabus, Bernhard
Simon Fraser University
Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), remote sensing, SAR theory, space-borne SAR missions and systems, SAR data processing and calibration, SAR applications, SAR interferometry (InSAR), SAR polarimetry, Digital Elevation Model (DEM), coherent change detection monitoring
Rochefort, Line
Université Laval
Restoration, ecosystem functions, reclamation, natural resources, ecology of wetland sphagnums and bryophytes, sphagnum farming, revegetation, bog, fen, wetland
Rodriguez, Manuel J.
Université Laval
drinking water, water quality, source protection, distribution systems, monitoring, land-use planning, climate, decision support, modelling, land use
Ross, Michael
Yukon University
Electrical power systems, renewable generation, remote electric systems, microgrids, energy storage, northern energy, diesel efficiencies, smart grid technologies, demand side management, alternative energy sources
Ruiz, Eduardo
École Polytechnique de Montréal
composite materials, aerospace, 3D reinforcement, epoxy, polymerization, liquid molding, impregnation, capillarity, porosities, residual stresses
Rusch, Leslie Ann
Université Laval
optical communications, digital signal processing, spatial division multiplexing, optical fibre design, optical network architectures, orbital angular momentum modes, machine learning, constellation shaping, nonlinear compensation
Russo, Frank
Ryerson University
auditory, cognitive neuroscience, aging, hearing loss, hearing instruments, challenging environments, cognitive load, listening effort, speech emotion, brain imaging
Ruth, Douglas
University of Manitoba
discovery-based learning; Centre for Professional Practice and Engineering Education; design across the curriculum, design-ready engineers, interdepartmental capstone courses, engineers in residence; modular professional courses
Page 1 / 1 (8 results)



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