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Safavi-Naeini, Safieddin (Ali)
University of Waterloo
Intelligent Antenna, Mobile Communication, Microwaves, Millimetre-Waves, Satellite Communication, 5G, Automotive Radar, Phased Array Antenna, Beam-forming, Smart Antenna
Safavi-Naeini, Reyhaneh
University of Calgary
information security, authentication, network security, post-quantum cryptography, distributed ledger application, secure indoor location verification, secure key extraction and agreement
Sampath, Parthasarathy
University of Toronto
aviation combustor systems, exhaust emissions, environmental impact from aviation, green aircraft and engine, combustion modelling, industry-relevant research, airport emissions, greenhouse gases
Sanders, Sean
University of Alberta
Multiphase flows, oil sand extraction, in-situ bitumen production, pipeline conditioning, tailings, water-assisted heavy oil transport.
Savaria, Yvon
École Polytechnique de Montréal
networking, software-defined networking (SDN), programmable forwarding plane, programming protocol-independent packet processor (P4) language, traffic management, (heterogeneous and configurable) switch architecture, communication protocol
Schlegel, Christian B.
Dalhousie University
Digital Communications, Wireless Networking, Acoustic Communications, Magneto-Inductive Communications, Information Processing, Communications System Implementation, 4G Technology, FGPA/VLSI Communications Systems, Bioengineering
Seddon, Yolande
University of Saskatchewan
Animal welfare, animal husbandry, animal care, animal health, animal behaviour, pork industry, swine, pigs, measurement of welfare.
Shaw, John M.
University of Alberta
Oil, sands, bitumen, production, transport, refining, process, physical, properties, measurement, model
Shoesmith, David
The University of Western Ontario
nuclear Waste Management, waste containers, uranium dioxide, electrochemistry, corrosion science
Siciliano, Steven
University of Saskatchewan
bioremediation, risk assessment, soils, hydrocarbons, phosphorus, anaerobic degradation, bioavailability of pollutants, microbial ecology, frozen soils, soil microbiology
Smith, Richard
Laurentian University of Sudbury
mining, mineral exploration, prospecting, geophysics, electromagnetics, gravity, magnetics, rock properties
Sood, Vijay
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
design engineering, open-ended design-build course projects, proof-of-concept prototypes, capstone design project
Steele, Michael
University of Guelph
Nutrition, physiology, agriculture, ruminant, molecular biology, microbiology, cell biology, systems biology, gastrointestinal growth, gastrointestinal barrier function
Strong, David
Queen's University
engineering design, innovation, integrated learning, engineering education, multidisciplinary design, product development, outreach, design pedagogy, assessment, product design, process design, design stream
Sylvestre, Julien
Université de Sherbrooke
advanced packaging, multi-chip module, silicon photonics, assembly processes, high density interconnects, high-performance computing, embedded sensors, thermal modelling
Page 1 / 1 (15 results)



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