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Wachowicz, Monica
University of New Brunswick
Real-time mobility analytics, Internet of things, streaming analytics, graph data mining, spatio-temporal data mining, mapping experience design, mobility patterns, mobile sensing, geovisualization, fog edge computing.
Waker, Anthony
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Health Physics; Environmental Safety; Radiation Biological Effects; Radiation Metrology; Radiation Detection; Dosimetry; Microdosimetry; Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counters; Neutron Spectrometry; Monte-Carlo Modelling.
Waldner, Cheryl
University of Saskatchewan
beef cattle, productivity, infectious diseases, epidemiology, antimicrobial use and resistance, precision agriculture, simulation modelling, complex systems science, Johne’s disease, genomic testing
Waller, Edward
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Health physics, dosimetry, environmental safety, human radiation effects, non-human biota radiation effects, Monte Carlo modelling, radiation detection, radiation measurements, virtual and augmented reality applications, data visualization
Wang, Lingyu
Concordia University
Computer security, network security, cloud security, software-defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV), security auditing, security compliance verification, security monitoring, intrusion detection, attack mitigation
Weary, Daniel
The University of British Columbia
animal welfare; animal behaviour; pain; preferences; motivation; dairy cow; dairy calf; rodent; euthanasia; public attitudes;
Wigdor, Daniel
University of Toronto
human-computer interaction, human factors, gestural input, mobile computing, human input sensing, augmented reality, virtual reality
Wild, Peter
University of Victoria
Design learning outcomes sequence; design-instruction capacity; design, prototype and test studio; industry interaction.
Wilson, Ward G.
University of Alberta
fluid fine tailings, mature fine tailings, deposition, dewatering, consolidation, shear strength, closure, aqueous covers, soft capping, dry stacked tailings
Winterburn, Peter
The University of British Columbia
exploration geochemistry, mineral deposits, geochemistry, economic geology, biogeochemistry, organic-geochemistry, mineral exploration.
Wolfe, Brent
Wilfrid Laurier University
Hydrology, flood and drought, water resources, hydro-ecology, climate change and variability, paleolimnology, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, water and nutrient isotope tracers, Mackenzie Basin Deltas
Wood, David
University of Calgary
renewable energy, distributed generation, wind power, wind turbines inverters and control systems, wind resource assessment, resource forecasting, photovoltaic panels, wind loads, solar thermal system performance
Wren, J. Clara
The University of Western Ontario
Nuclear Materials, Radiation-Induced Processes, Corrosion, Electrochemistry, Multi-phase Kinetics and Transport, Water Radiolysis
Wu, Bin
Northern Alberta Inst. of Technology
Power electronics, electric drives, medium-voltage drives, high power converters, pulse width modulation, drive system controls, current source converters, voltage source converters, renewable energies, wind energy systems
Wu, Christine Qiong
University of Manitoba
heavy on-road passenger vehicles, vehicle stability, structural dynamics, structural integrity, durability testing of vehicle components, nonlinear systems, Lyapunov stability, Lyapunov exponent, non-smooth systems, time series analysis
Wu, Jianhong
York University
Vaccine dynamics, Immunization program evaluation, Mathematical epidemiology, Structured population models, Nonlinear dynamics, Disease transmission heterogeneity and uncertainty, Spatiotemporal patterns, Health data analytics, Renewal equations, Bifurcation analysis.
Wu, Ke
École Polytechnique de Montréal
Radiofrequency (RF) and microwaves, communications technologies, 5G, future wireless, millimetre-wave techniques, transceiver architectures, substrate integrated circuits (SICs), non-linear communications, RF and millimetre-wave antennas, full-duplex systems, massive multiple input, multiple output (MIMO)
Page 1 / 1 (17 results)



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