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Zemel, Richard
University of Toronto
computer science; artificial intelligence; machine learning; AI safety; controllable learning; fairness; interpretability
Zeng, Yong
Concordia University
aerospace design, design theory, science of design, design creativity, computer aided design, conceptual design, design research, design methodologies, environment-based design, learning processes
Zheng, Ming
University of Windsor
Clean engine, Engine design, Sustainable energy, Fuel efficiency, Emissions, Biofuel, Measurement and control, Combustion diagnostics, High-efficiency ignition, Adaptive ignition, Flexible fuel management
Zhu, David
University of Alberta
Urban drainage, hydraulics, water quality, sediment transport, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, sewer odour, multiphase flows, sewer monitoring, rehabilitation
Page 1 / 1 (4 results)



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