Cheryl Waldner

Cheryl Waldner

Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences
University of Saskatchewan

Chair title

NSERC/Beef Cattle Research Council Industrial Research Chair in Health and Production-limiting Diseases

Chair program

Industrial Research Chairs program


Senior Chairholder since 2020


The Canadian beef cattle industry contributes on average $17 B to the national annual gross domestic product (GDP). Canada is one of the largest exporters of red meat in the world with 38% of domestic slaughter exported. The beef industry faces the challenge of maintaining animal health, productivity and profitability. Production-limiting diseases in the beef cattle industry can have significant negative impacts on the economic viability of beef operations, international trade in beef products, animal welfare, food safety, public health and the environment. The Chair, in partnership with the Beef Cattle Research Council, will support the sustainability of the industry by:

  • optimizing surveillance and research data to better inform Canadian beef herd management and policy;
  • building dynamic simulation models that apply data and commonly used technology (e.g., mobile devices) to support decisions;
  • piloting practical applications of innovative genomics tools for disease management;
  • adapting decision support models to incorporate genomics data and make the resulting tools accessible to end users.

The research will target antimicrobial use (AMU), antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and production-limiting diseases in cow-calf herds and feedlots (i.e., Johne’s disease and bovine respiratory disease). The overall goal is to optimize how we manage Canadian beef herds and inform animal health and AMU policy under new regulatory frameworks for veterinary antimicrobials. The Chair’s program will provide exciting new interdisciplinary training opportunities for highly qualified personnel (at least 3 MSc, 2 PhD, 1 PDF, 5 undergraduate students and research technicians) including valuable skills in great demand by industry and government (e.g., data management, analysis, bioinformatics and systems science tools). The expected outcomes of this program will benefit policy makers as well as beef producers and their veterinarians by giving them innovative user-friendly tools that apply research data to support management decisions. Additionally, the Chair will generate significant socioeconomic benefits for Canadians, including a healthy beef cattle industry and timely and practical support for prudent antimicrobial stewardship.


  • Beef Cattle Research Council

Contact information

Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences
University of Saskatchewan



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