Eric Bibeau

Eric Bibeau

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
University of Manitoba

Chair title

NSERC/Manitoba Hydro Industrial Research Chair in Alternative Energy

Chair program

Industrial Research Chairs program


Associate Chairholder since 2004


The NSERC/Manitoba Industrial Research Chair in Alternative Energy focuses on the development of alternative energy systems that can lead to new technology applications. By developing and applying numerical models, the Chair investigates new cost effective methods to harness renewable energy resources. The research focuses on developing the mathematical tools needed to improve our understanding of innovative technologies being developed and to enable environmentally friendly production of affordable alternative energy in the future. The emphasis is on distributed power generation to develop new high power density river kinetic turbines, anaerobic digesters adapted for cold climates, biopower combined heat and power systems and specific aspects of wind generation in icing-prone regions. It is expected that the fundamental understanding obtained from this research will provide a foundation for the development of new alternative energy applications, some of which will have significant commercial value in the near future.

The development of alternative energy is one of the important corporate goals for the funding partner, Manitoba Hydro. They actively pursue alternative energy opportunities and encourage the development and demonstration of cost-effective alternative energy applications in Manitoba. Manitoba Hydro encourages collaboration with the University of Manitoba, engaging the Chair and students to research and develop alternative energy applications that are based on scientific and sound economic analysis. This NSERC/Manitoba Hydro Industrial Research Chair is one of many vehicles used by Manitoba Hydro to promote alternative energy research that may lead to new business opportunities in the interest of all Manitobans and Canadians.


  • Manitoba Hydro

Contact information

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
University of Manitoba
75A Chancellors Circle
Room E2-327 EITC Building
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3T 5V6

Tel.: 204-474-7923


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