Anthony Waker

Anthony Waker

Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Chair title

NSERC/UNENE Industrial Research Chair in Health Physics and Environmental Safety

Chair program

Industrial Research Chairs program


Senior Chairholder since 2008

Related Chair

Edward Waller


As Ontario looks to its future electrical power demands and responsibilities concerning climate change, there is renewed interest in nuclear power production. The Health Physics and Environmental Safety Industrial Research Chair at UOIT will provide academic support to nuclear health and safety experts whose task it is to maintain the best and safest conditions in operating nuclear plants for workers and the wider environment. As a part of achieving this objective, the planned program of research in advanced radiation detection instruments willl help develop devices that provide instantaneous information on the radiation conditions within a plant and feed data to an on-line interactive radiation protection management system. The research program is also designed to advance the fundamental understanding of potential biological and health risks incurred by workers and the environment due to low-level exposure to different types of radiation, The research will reduce the scientific uncertainties around the important issue of low-level radiation exposure and the results will assist nuclear industry partners in respond to changing operational and regulatory demands as well as contributing to an increase in the supply of highly qualified personnel.

Prior to joining UOIT Dr. Waker was senior scientist and manager in radiation biology and health physics at the Chalk River Laboratories of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. He has earned world-wide recognition for his work on the application of experimental radiation measurement techniques, called microdosimetry, to protect patients by accurately calculating dose absorption in medical treatments, called dosimetry, and medical physics. He has served on both national and international committees concerning radiation measurements and radiation effects.


  • University Network of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering (UNENE)
  • Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (AECL)/Énergie atomique du Canada Ltée (EACL)
  • Ontario Power Generation Inc. (OPG)
  • CANDU Owners Group (COG)

Contact information

Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
RM UA 3032
2000 Simcoe Street N.
Oshawa, Ontario
L1H 7K4

Tel.: 905-721-8668, ext. 3441
Fax: 905-721-3046


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