Antony Hodgson

Antony Hodgson

Mechanical Engineering
The University of British Columbia

Chair title

NSERC Chair in Design Engineering

Chair program

Chairs in Design Engineering Program


Associate Chairholder since 2009

Related Chair

Philippe Kruchten


The primary focus of the Chair is to break down barriers between the various engineering disciplines and between engineering and other fields, particularly medicine and commerce. It will initially focus on the interdisciplinary design of innovative intelligent equipment to enhance treatment of, and quality of life for, people with debilitating diseases or disabilities, and will then expand to address other interdisciplinary problems in areas such as energy and sustainability.

The Chair will also endeavour to enhance the design elements of the graduate biomedical engineering program; foster relationships between local industry and junior engineering faculty members through student capstone projects and simplifying industry-university collaboration procedures; and lead and manage the newly-created Centre for Design Engineering.

Dr. Hodgson is a medical engineer with expertise in computer-assisted surgery and medical device design. He has several patents in the medical device field and is involved in several device commercialization projects with partners in Canada and France.

During the term of this Chair, it expects to significantly increase the number of students who have a truly interdisciplinary design experience and who are trained in the skills needed to move ideas from conception to product.

In addition to the interdisciplinary design experience the students will receive, the Chair will play a significant role in enhancing the profile of design activities at UBC and in the broader community. The industrial partners will be involved in sponsoring student design projects and mentoring the senior students in their critical final year and will benefit in the future from being able to hire students trained with an interdisciplinary perspective.


  • Jeppesen
  • Western Clinical
  • Westmar

Contact information

Mechanical Engineering
The University of British Columbia
Department of Mechanical Engineering
6250 Applied Science Lane, Room 2010
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6T 1Z4

Tel.: 604-822-3240
Fax: 604-822-2403


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