Douglas Ruth

Douglas Ruth

Department of Design Engineering
University of Manitoba

Chair title

NSERC Chair in Design Engineering - Design Integrated Across the Curriculum

Chair program

Chairs in Design Engineering Program


Senior Chairholder since 2012


The proposed Chair will establish:

  • Discovery-based learning in all preliminary year engineering science courses

    The Chair will transform the existing preliminary year (typically first year at other universities) design experience of all engineering students by establishing preliminary year, common core courses that explore engineering systems through problem-based, team oriented experiences (discovery-based learning)—including the analysis, construction and testing of civil structures, and electrical and thermodynamic devices.

  • Mechanisms to expand design offerings throughout the curriculum

    The Chair will facilitate the development of design courses throughout the curriculum and the expansion of opportunities for students to acquire professional skills.

  • Interdepartmental capstone project
    The Chair will broaden the capstone design experience by including university-industry collaboration in capstone design projects that focus on fully-integrated interdepartmental teams of students.

  • The Centre for Professional Practice and Engineering Education

    The Chair will solidify the design engineering achievements of the Faculty of Engineering by establishing a permanent, University of Manitoba Senate-sanctioned Centre that will coordinate professional skills training of engineering students, expand industry partnerships in design courses, work to promote engineering and engineering design to the public at large, and ensure that there is a career path for academics whose creative scholarship is in the area of engineering design and engineering education.

There are five Associate Chairs—Juan Abelló, Sandra Ingram, Don Petkau, Cyrus Shafai, and Dagmar Svecova.


  • Manitoba Aerospace
  • Bristol Aerospace
  • Magellan Aerospace
  • StandardAero Limited
  • Friends of Engineering
  • Province of Manitoba

Contact information

Department of Design Engineering
University of Manitoba
15 Gillson St.
E2-290 Engineer Info And Tech Complex
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3T 5V6

Tel.: 204-474-9096
Fax: 204-474-7676


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