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Vijay Sood

Vijay Sood

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Chair title

NSERC-OPG Chair in Innovative Design Engineering

Chair program

Chairs in Design Engineering Program


Associate Chairholder since 2012

Related Chair

Remon Pop-Iliev


The main second-term objective of Dr. Remon Pop-Iliev, the NSERC-OPG Chair in Innovative Design Engineering at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) is to achieve substantial university-wide improvement of the graduating engineers’ capacity in design engineering. This improvement will be achieved at the undergraduate level by extending the scope of the chair program from the mechanical, manufacturing and automotive areas to include all undergraduate engineering programs at UOIT. This would extend the design engineering program to the disciplines of electrical, computer, software, energy systems, and nuclear engineering. Emphasis on design aspects will also be promoted at the graduate level by extending the recently created master’s program in design in mechanical engineering to the electrical engineering disciplines.

In this context, the Associate Chairholder, Dr. Vijay Sood, whose primary expertise is in the disciplines of electrical, computer and software engineering, will be spearheading the continuous improvement of those programs through a multi-, inter- and trans- disciplinary (MITD) education strategy. Dr. Sood has in-depth expertise in Canada’s electrical power systems. He is a former researcher from the research laboratory of Hydro-Quebec (IREQ), an internationally recognized expert, and a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) and the Canadian Academy of Engineers (CAE). In his previous capacity as a senior researcher for Hydro-Quebec, Dr. Sood directed design engineers, managed the engineering and development of new products and technologies, coordinated the design and release of prototypes, and actively participated in the creation of design engineering documentation. Dr. Sood has made original contributions to the design and control of high voltage DC transmission systems.

The Associate Chairholder’s Action Plan will focus on raising the design engineering education level of the electrical, computer and software engineering (ECSE) programs. After examining the existing relevant courses, some new design engineering core courses will be added to the curriculum and multiple courses will be updated to increase their coverage of relevant design engineering topics. These will be coupled with robust training strategies, contents, methodologies, and modern tools that represent an optimal solution to a design problem. The focus on design in ECSE core subjects will be respectively highlighted through emphasis on open-ended design-build course projects that require proof-of-concept prototypes and hands-on direct implementation of the design engineering process. In addition, a full year capstone design project will be offered and ensured to have multi-disciplinary engineering contents. A new Master’s program in Design within the framework of the existing Master’s program in Electrical Engineering will be established and launched.


  • Ontario Power Generation Inc. (OPG)

Contact information

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
2000 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, Ontario

Tel.: 905-721-8668, ext. 5478
Fax: 905-721-3370
Email: Vijay.sood@uoit.ca


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