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Hamid Karbasi

Hamid Karbasi

School of Engineering and Information Technology
Conestoga College

Chair title

NSERC Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in Advanced Recycling Technologies for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Chair program

Industrial Research Chair for Colleges


 since 2016


Consumer electronics have become an integral part of daily life, revolutionizing the way we communicate, retrieve information and entertain ourselves. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) has become the fastest growing sector of solid waste, with 40 to 50 million tons generated globally each year. It is estimated that only 15-20% of WEEE is recycled: the rest ends up in landfills, riverbanks and deserts, or is exported to Third World countries where it is incinerated to liberate precious metals.

The emerging e-waste recycling industry suffers from a lack of effective and affordable automation for process sustainability. Automation and specialization among SME e-waste recyclers is very limited, resulting in lost opportunities to improve productivity and business sustainability. This research program will develop and commercialize innovative recycling technologies and processes such as Robotic Dismantling and Recycling and Sensor-Based Sorting, resulting in improved recycling processes and equipment. These new technologies will provide electronics manufacturers and recyclers with more cost-effective and efficient e-waste recycling solutions.

The Industrial Research Chair, Dr. Hamid Karbasi, P. Eng. is ideally suited for this role. His exemplary academic and research track record in a polytechnic setting provide the necessary foundation for him to champion innovative projects and commercialization opportunities with industry partners. Project partners include Greentec International, a leading e-waste processor, as well as more than 15 other system manufacturers, educational institutions, technology providers such as the University of Waterloo and National Instruments as well as e-waste processors and policy makers such as Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA). These companies and organizations will provide process and manufacturing support as well as research, networking and marketing assistance. This initiative will be supported by Conestoga’s Centre for Smart Manufacturing, Centre for Entrepreneurship, School of Business and Applied Research Office. Results will benefit electronics recycling companies, local equipment manufacturers, electronics manufacturers and recycling policy makers.

This research program will result in increased proper e-waste treatment, recycling and landfill diversion rates as well as reduced GHG emissions, thus contributing to Canada’s efforts to combat climate change. Research activities will result in new products that can be commercialized by local equipment manufacturers, as well as new processes that will generate value and cost savings across a range of manufacturing operations. This research will benefit manufacturing industries and electronic recyclers, and will support policy makers as they develop strategies to enhance economic prosperity and environmental sustainability.


  • Greentec International

Contact information

School of Engineering and Information Technology
Conestoga College
850 Fountain Street South
Cambridge, Ontario
N3H 0A8

Tel.: 519-748-5220, ext. 2287
Fax: 519-650-8359

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