Ismaïl Fliss

Ismaïl Fliss

Department of Food Sciences
Université Laval

Chair title

NSERC Industrial Research Chair in metabolic activity and the functionality of bioprotective lactic cultures (METABIOLAC)

Chair program

Industrial Research Chairs program


Senior Chairholder since 2016


The overall objective of the NSERC METABIOLAC Chair is to develop basic knowledge and expertise in isolation, identification and characterization of lactic acid bacteria and intestinal bacteria showing antimicrobial activity that have strong potential for application as bioprotective cultures in the food and veterinary sectors. The proposed research program is based on four complementary streams. Stream 1 will involve isolating cultures with antimicrobial activity, characterizing these strains and their metabolites and studying the biological activity of the newly isolated antimicrobial molecules, alone or in combination with other compounds (multi-barrier approach). Stream 2 will focus on developing innovative processes for production through fermentation and the stabilization of active ingredients (protective cultures and active metabolites), as well as for their technical-economic evaluation. Stream 3 will aim to develop various formulas and functional materials from active ingredients selected for a variety of applications in the food and veterinary sectors. Stream 4 will involve studying the behaviour and biological activity of these formulas in food systems (dairy and meat products) and biological systems (broilers and dairy cows).

The Chair’s program, through its connection to biotechnologies and food, is of strategic importance to Canada, as it aligns with one of the priorities of the federal strategy on science, technology and innovation, namely the environment and agriculture.

The Chair will make it possible to create a unique multidisciplinary centre of excellence in the field of bioprotective cultures and biopreservation of food. It will leverage partners in several sectors: livestock production (La Coop fédérée, Novalait), food processing (Olymel, Novalait, Biena and Grizzly) and hygiene (Sani Marc and Cascades). The Chair is a “proof of concept” for the potential of these bioprotective cultures and the natural antimicrobials they secrete in livestock production (improvement of zootechnical performance and carcass quality), food processing (alternative solution to chemical additives) and hygiene (natural functional materials, cleaning and disinfection products).

The program will be led by Ismaïl Fliss, Full Professor in the Department of Food Sciences within the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food at Laval University, and current Director of the university’s Dairy Science and Technology Research Centre (STELA). Dr. Fliss is internationally recognized for his work on bacteriocins of lactic acid bacteria and their use in the food, medical and veterinary sectors.


  • Cascades, groupe papiers tissu
  • Groupe Sani Marc
  • La Coop fédérée
  • Olymel S.E.C./L.P.
  • Fumoir Grizzly
  • Biena inc.
  • Novalait inc.

Contact information

Department of Food Sciences
Université Laval



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