NSERC Alliance COVID-19 grants


You can request up to $50,000 from NSERC. Cash contributions from partner organizations are not required. If you are not yet sure how the funds will be used for this project, you can enter “Other” in the Proposed Expenditures. In order to quickly advance the research objectives, participation of trainees is encouraged, yet optional, in these grants.

Collaborating outside the natural sciences and engineering: Developing applications or policies based on your research results may require socio-economic and other expertise in addition to scientific understanding. You are encouraged to collaborate with academic researchers in fields other than the natural sciences and engineering. Such researchers may serve as co-applicants for these grants. Research costs for these collaborations must be identified in the project budget, up to a maximum of 30% of the cost-shared project costs.

If your Alliance COVID-19 application is funded, an NSERC-Mitacs partnership is making available additional resources to augment research collaborations. Qualifying partner organizations can add Mitacs-funded internships to an Alliance COVID-19 project at a reduced cost to the organization. To access this opportunity, please contact Noha Gerges, Director of Business Development, at Mitacs (ngerges@mitacs.ca). NSERC will share a copy of the approved project application with Mitacs, who will then confirm program eligibility and the details surrounding the internship opportunity.

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Application deadline
Before June 1, 2020, 8:00 p.m. (ET)

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