NSERC-German Research Foundation (DFG) call for proposals on Sustainable Processes and Chemistry

Review of your application

Step 1

NSERC will convene a selection panel to assist it with the assessment of applications. The selection panel will assess the applications according to the merit evaluation criteria and merit indicators, and the most highly rated applications will be invited to continue in the process. Consideration of equity, diversity and inclusion in the research and training environment will be used by NSERC as a screening criterion, and only those applications that meet this criterion will be retained for assessment by the selection panel. The eligibility of the Canadian researchers will also be reviewed internally by NSERC.

Step 2

The full proposals will be reviewed by DFG in competition with other proposals received for the same funding round of the program to which the proposal is submitted. Proposals will be reviewed using DFG's merit review process and criteria: quality of the project; objectives and work program and proposed research methods; qualifications of the applicants; and opportunities for employment in a scientific environment. NSERC will not conduct a parallel scientific review. DFG will provide NSERC with the peer review results. Please refer to the DFG website for additional information.

Merit evaluation criteria

The merit of your Alliance International Collaboration grant application is evaluated using the following five equally weighted criteria. The proposal must address all of the criteria and sub-criteria to be considered for funding.

Relevance and expected outcomes

  • significance of the research and the intended outcomes, and the potential for generating new knowledge in natural sciences and engineering (NSE) and further developing areas of Canadian research strength and leadership


  • added value of the proposed international collaboration for Canada and the rationale for the selected international collaborator(s)


  • opportunities for enriched training experiences for research trainees (undergraduates, graduates, postdoctoral fellows) to develop relevant research skills as well as professional skills such as leadership, communication, collaboration and entrepreneurship (where possible and relevant, international experiences for Canadian trainees are encouraged)

Equity, diversity and inclusion (assessed by NSERC staff)

Need for funds

  • budget commensurate with the requirements of your participation in the international research project
  • appropriateness of, and justification for, the planned expenditures

NSERC uses established merit indicators to rate each evaluation sub-criterion/criterion.

Risk assessment

At all times, Canadian researchers are encouraged to exercise appropriate levels of due diligence when managing their research and establishing and/or continuing partnerships with national, international and multinational partners. Resources to do so are provided by the Government of Canada on the Safeguarding Your Research portal, including the National Security Guidelines for Research Partnerships. NSERC reserves the right to request additional information, as needed, before making a final funding decision.

Funding decision

NSERC and DFG will determine recommendation outcomes. NSERC’s funding decision will take into consideration the merit evaluation, as well as the assessment of potential risks for Canada’s national security, when applicable.

Each selected Canada-Germany project will be jointly funded by NSERC and the DFG, to support the activities of eligible researchers in their respective countries. NSERC’s contribution will be awarded to the eligible Canadian applicants in the form of one Alliance International Collaboration grant per successful application, to be administered by the Canadian principal applicant’s institution. NSERC’s funding is intended to support the activities of the eligible Canadian researchers, and must be used in accordance with the Tri-agency guide on financial administration. Canadian applicants are only eligible to receive funding from NSERC.

What's next?
Receiving your funding and starting your project
Apply now


Alliance International Collaboration grant application deadline (submitted to NSERC)
December 7, 2022, 8:00 p.m. (ET)

Invited full application deadline (submitted to DFG)
June 6, 2023, 5:00 p.m. (CEST) [German time]

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