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Updates to Alliance option 2 application and funding request limits

NSERC has made two modifications related to Alliance option 2:

  • The maximum amount that can be requested from NSERC in an option 2 proposal has increased to $300,000 per year.
  • There is no longer a participation limit for partner organizations in option 2 proposals.

Supplemental resources listed on the Alliance Resources webpage are in the process of being updated to reflect these updates.

NSERC Alliance and Mitacs Accelerate streamlined funding opportunity now available

NSERC and Mitacs are pleased to build on the success of their existing partnership with a new joint initiative that will support the R&D efforts of Canadian university researchers and their partners, while supporting highly qualified personnel including students and/or postdoctoral fellows.

Through NSERC’s Alliance grants and Mitacs’s Accelerate, this new opportunity is available to Canadian researchers through a single application submission and review process. Applicants are invited to include in their Alliance application a request for additional support through Mitacs Accelerate internships as a component of the training of highly qualified personnel.

Alliance grants support university researchers to collaborate with partner organizations, which can be from the private, public or not-for-profit sectors, on their R&D efforts that will create economic, social and/or environmental benefits to Canada.

Accelerate puts the talent of students and postdocs to work with a paid internship at an organization that needs their expertise.

Alliance-Accelerate applications require the following information when outlining the training of highly qualified personnel:

  • A description of the role of the Mitacs interns in the research project and an explanation of the quality of the research-based training experiences provided to the interns
  • A description of how the internship partnership organization is committed to providing supervision and mentorship to the interns
  • An explanation of how the number of Mitacs interns and the number of internship units are appropriate to the scope of the project

Applicants who wish to include Mitacs Accelerate internships in their Alliance application should contact their local Mitacs business development representative to obtain the NSERC/Mitacs joint application form. Applicants must submit the NSERC/Mitacs joint application form to NSERC with their Alliance proposal.

For more information please visit the NSERC Alliance-Mitacs Accelerate Grants webpage

Alliance webinar presentation now available online

In late 2020, NSERC hosted webinar presentations to learn more about best practices in preparing an Alliance application. The webinar video and slides ( with notes and without notes) are now available on the Alliance resources webpage. We would also like to remind you of the other resources that are available to support you in preparing an Alliance proposal, which are outlined below. In addition to our Frequently asked questions webpage, NSERC staff also remain available to answer any questions you may have.

New resources related to option 2 now available

A document summarizing key details about Alliance option 2 has been added to the Resources webpage to help applicants and partner organizations determine whether the project they are envisioning meets the requirements. In addition, the Public Impact Value Proposition (PIVP) Selection Committee Review Instructions are now available online. This will help applicants understand how the committee determines whether Alliance option 2 applications meet the characteristics and whether they will proceed to the next step of the evaluation.

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