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Applied Research Tools and Instruments (ARTI) grants are one-year awards that support the purchase of applied research equipment,* allowing the college to better respond to the innovation needs of its partners and to provide enriched hands-on training opportunities for students.

The applied research equipment may be purchased to enhance the capacity of a single, of multiple or of institution-wide college applied research program(s) in the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, humanities and health sciences. The college must fully justify and demonstrate the need and the value of the equipment for its partners and applied research program(s) resulting in meaningful economic, environmental, social and/or health impacts for Canadians. In addition, the college must demonstrate how the utilization of the equipment will be optimized to maximize benefits to partners and contribute to the training of a diverse pool of trainees in an inclusive environment.

Note: The proposed equipment may be a single item or a collection of items forming a comprehensive system. A comprehensive system is one in which each tool or instrument forms part of an integrated system of operation to support the applied research program(s). Requests that bundle unrelated tools and instruments together will not be accepted. If requesting more than one item, NSERC may remove expenditures associated with any item found to be inadequately justified.

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Before 8:00 pm (ET) on January 16, 2024
Maximum of three applications per college

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