Applied Research Tools and Instruments grants


NSERC will accept applications for research equipment whose total net cost* is up to $350,000, provided that the applicant is able to secure funding from other sources to bring the amount requested from NSERC to $200,000 or less. Funding from other sources must be clearly described in the application and confirmed at the time that the application is submitted.

Following the award of a grant, if the purchase price of the equipment changes and the total costs of the project increase (compared to the original budget), the college will be responsible for any additional costs.

ARTI grants must be used only to purchase the specific type of equipment for which the grant was awarded. Grantees who wish to purchase equipment different from that specified in the application must obtain written permission from NSERC prior to its purchase. Grantees may, however, buy a model different from that requested in the application without prior approval.

NSERC will only accept applications for equipment that has not yet been purchased. All applications are reviewed on a competitive basis.

Note: Net cost is defined as the purchase cost of the equipment after any discount from the vendor and before taxes, customs and importation fees, transportation and shipping charges, and assembly and installation costs. The vendor discount must be free of conditions, restrictions or limitations (e.g., cannot be offered in exchange for services from users benefiting the vendor company).

For details on the use of grant funds, see the Tri-agency guide on financial administration.

Specific rules for the use of ARTI grant funds

This program has exceptions to Part 2 (Use of grant funds) of the guide, detailed below.

Direct costs of research

The following expenditures are eligible:

  • Purchase or subscription, for the funded year, of new, used or refurbished equipment; for the repair, upgrade or rental of equipment; for the fabrication of equipment that is not readily available off the shelf; for hardware upgrades; or software licenses, including:
    • taxes for equipment costs paid by the college
    • transportation costs, shipping and handling, extended warranty, brokerage and customs charges
    • installation
    • training fees
    • travel required for equipment commissioning or for training

The following expenditures are not eligible:

  • Salaries and benefits
  • Insurance costs for equipment and research vehicles
  • Costs of the construction, renovation, or rental of laboratories or supporting facilities (construction consists of any infrastructure changes that would remain if the purchased equipment were to be removed) unless required to meet regulatory requirements
  • Provision(s) in the budget for unforeseen costs (contingency fees, exchange rate variances, etc.)
  • Consumables

Indirect costs of research

Overhead and administration costs equivalent to 20% of the annual grant amount are included automatically; such costs include expenditures eligible under the Research Support Fund (e.g., grant writing, financial reporting, etc.).

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