Applied Research Tools and Instruments grants

Partners and supporting organizations


Partners are the organizations that contribute to and implement the applied research results, who use these results to help achieve their desired goals and/or who play an active role in mobilizing knowledge to ensure that the results have an impact for Canadians.

Colleges may include partners when applying for an ARTI grant, although this is not a requirement. Following the award of a grant, it is expected that the college will undertake collaborative applied research projects with involvement from partners from the private, public and/or not-for-profit sector(s). If no partners are identified in the application, NSERC will assess the potential of the requested equipment to lead to partnerships. Partners are expected to:

  • collaborate actively in the college's research
  • have a credible plan to use the research results to provide economic, social, health or environmental benefits for Canadians
  • have the capability, maturity, and resources to implement the plan

Supporting organizations

At least one letter from a supporting organization that outlines their interest in the requested applied research equipment and their anticipated involvement (if applicable) in the applied research and innovation activities of the college, using the proposed equipment, should be provided. The supporting organization may be a current or future potential partner who will benefit from the acquisition of the equipment, but who is also a key organization from the college’s community (e.g., municipal, regional, provincial, territorial and/or federal organizations, associations). The supporting organization may not require the equipment for their own activities, but would like to support the acquisition of the equipment to benefit their region, members, and other organizations within their community. Applications without at least one letter of support will be deemed ineligible and removed from the competition. There is no maximum number of support letters that can be provided.

Although contributions from supporting organizations (cash or in-kind) are not required for ARTI grants, these may strengthen the application by demonstrating the relevance and importance of the equipment to the stakeholders of the college’s community. If a cash contribution towards the purchase of the equipment is provided by an organization (other than the applicant's institution), a letter of support is required from the organization confirming this commitment.

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