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Annual Funding of Grants

Communication of Competition Results

The Agency will do the following:

  • notify institutions of the outcomes of the competitions to which they have applied; and
  • post limited information about successful applications only (e.g., the authorized representative's name(s), institution, grant project title and amount) on the Agency's Web site. Please note that the Agency does not publish or otherwise disclose details related to unsuccessful applications.

Payment of Grants

Most grant funds are sent directly to the institution's common grant account. The institution, through its financial officer, maintains control of the grant funds, disburses salaries and other expenditures authorized by the authorized representative, and provides periodic reports to the authorized representative and to the Agency on the status of grant funds.

The institution must not disburse any funds on behalf of the authorized representative until all specified certification requirements, including those in respect of animal care, human ethics and any other requirements have been met, and any other special permits or licenses have been delivered.

Grant notification letters sent to institutions and relevant financial officers will indicate the annual commitment and future annual instalments. All subsequent instalments are subject to the availability of funds and the conditions that may be attached to them. The Agency reserves the right to defer or hold back subsequent instalments if the need for funds is not demonstrated.

No grant funds will be released by the Agency until all payment conditions have been met, such as, confirmation of receipt by the institution of a partner's contribution, progress reports, eligibility of institutions and an environmental assessment.


The Agency is not responsible for funding expenditures or commitments by institutions that exceed the grant funds credited to them for the current and prior fiscal periods.

Extension Period for Use of Funds Beyond the Grant Period

The Agency allows an extension by request only. A written request must be submitted by the authorized representative to the Agency's Program Manager (the Agency's Finance and Awards Administration Division must also be copied) before the funding expiry date of the grant. This written request must briefly state why the extension is required and when the requestor plans to draw their research activities to a close.

If the request for an extension is not approved, the authorized representative has three months to pay commitments made prior to the end of the grant period.

The "Authority to Use Funds Period" ends on one of the following dates, as applicable:

  • the expiry date of the original grant;
  • when an extension has been requested and approved, the expiry date of the extension period.

If funds remain in the account at the end of the Authority to Use Funds period, refer to the paragraph on Residual Balances on the Administrative Matters page.