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NSERC Presents 2 Minutes with Roderick Guthrie and Mihaiela Isac
McGill Metals Processing Centre


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2 Minutes with Roderick Guthrie and Mihaiela Isac


NSERC Communications



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January 9, 2012


Led by Dr. Roderick Guthrie, Director, and Dr. Mihaiela Isac, Research Manager, the McGill Metals Processing Centre conducts a research program that is focused on the development and quantitative description of specific liquid and solid metal processing operations.

2 Minutes with Roderick Guthrie and Mihaiela Isac

Roderick Guthrie

The McGill Metals Processing Centre, or MMPC, was formed in 1990 to carry out research, process metallurgical research in the ferrous and the non-ferrous light metals industries. Its aim is to provide its researchers and its students with state-of-the-art equipment so that they can compete at the highest levels internationally.

Mihaiela Isac

The MMPC's aim is for excellence in fundamental and applied research and uses structured generic-type research. We have three types of generic projects: strip casting, water modelling of ladle/tundish/mould operations, and liquid metal quality. And these projects are funded by NSERC and our sponsoring companies.

Roderick Guthrie

Our research has been of great benefit to Canadians, particularly Alcan, for instance. We did develop the LiMCA machine which qualifies liquid metal cleanliness and that is used now throughout the world actually to support the operations of aluminum casters.

Mihaiela Isac

With respect to the strip casting, we designed and developed, for example, single bell casting process which is a high speed, friction-free, high productivity type of process for the production of steel and aluminum strips.

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