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NSERC Presents 2 Minutes with Alexander Litvak
Mathematical and statistical sciences, University of Alberta


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2 Minutes with Alexander Litvak


NSERC Communications



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November 21, 2011


The ability of pure mathematics to spot relationships and recognize trends can generate solutions that apply to a wide variety of data. As mathematics is the universal language of the sciences, it can help researchers in many fields. Alexander Litvak, of the University of Alberta, is an internationally renowned mathematician who has made decisive progress on complex and long-standing mathematical problems.

2 Minutes with Alexander Litvak

Alexander Litvak

We work with systems involving a huge amount of parameters. In pure mathematics, you don't expect immediate impact and usually we don't know what impact it will be. Already now, it's clear that probabilistic methods play essential role in many discoveries or many descriptions of how real systems behave. It has applications in computer science, in compressed sensing when for transmitting signals, in statistical physics. I believe in genetics there are now studies about systems with huge amount of parameters.

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