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NSERC Prizes 2019: Roberto Morandotti

Energy Materials Telecommunications Research Centre of the Institut national de la recherche scientifique
In partnership with OEC Inc. and QPS Photonics Inc.


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NSERC Prizes 2019: Roberto Morandotti


NSERC Communications



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May 6, 2019


Roberto Morandotti is harnessing the power of light to take us beyond the limits of today’s digital technology. The INRS researcher combines quantum mechanics and integrated photonics to realize the next generation of computing technology. With Morandotti’s breakthroughs, quantum computers will have the components necessary to transmit information using particles of light instead of electronic signals. He is collaborating with OEC Inc. and QPS Photonics Inc. to design quantum technology that can integrate with our existing digital systems — a necessity if quantum computing is going to reach the masses. Morandotti’s renowned work is helping establish Canada as a cutting-edge research destination and a quantum manufacturing hub, positioning our country at the vanguard of a quantum future.

Roberto Morandotti

Much of the information that will be treated in the future will benefit from quantum optics. So we are trying to make a new technology which is secure, is for transferring secure information to do processing of certain things much faster. For example, when you need to go fast through database, like you do with Google, then quantum optics can help you.

Industrial Partner

You can't go buy a quantum computer yet. You can only think of doing one in the lab. Today in the field of quantum technologies, it's all about the single photon.

Roberto Morandotti

So in what we are doing, we are trying to use a standard technology, like the technology that has already been developed in telecommunications systems, so everything is already there off the shelf, and create complex data. The complex data actually will allows us to pack more information in a smaller number of photons, so the quantum particle of light, so we don't have the problem now sort of limit a bit the application of photonics for quantum technology, which is the efficient generation of photons.

Industrial Partner

The holy grail is the quantum computer, but these are the building blocks to make that vision happen.

Roberto Morandotti

By developing our ideas, we can do something useful also for the industry, for the society, for the other people.

Roberto Morandotti

If we can get really super fast computers, I mean, this is ordersof magnitude more thanwhat we have today, that would be an amazing breakthrough.