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NSERC Presents 2 Minutes with Roberto Morandotti
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Institut national de la recherche scientifique


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2 Minutes with Roberto Morandotti


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October 11, 2011


Digital security is a priority for business, consumers and governments, whether purchasing on-line or transmitting military secrets. Roberto Morandotti, a Professor at the Institut national de la recherche scientifique, is conducting research that would make it possible to send secure electronic messages with unbreakable codes.

2 Minutes with Roberto Morandotti

Roberto Morandotti

In a simple way, what we try to do is to take a device that is fed with one photon, is created two photons with all the energy and those photon they can be prepared in such a way their quantum state they're correlated. And by using quantum state is possibly to transmit information safely on a telecom—for example, telecommunication network without other people being able to spy on you. And the advantage of our approach is that the device that we're studying can be basicallyplugged right away in the telecom network and so they will be able to reduce greatly the cost and difficulty which are associated in this attempt to try to transmit fastest and safely information in telecommunication network.

The impact will be hopefully very great because, as we know, more and more often and nowadays all the transaction they are business, bank, military information are transferred by Internet. So it's becoming more and more important to be able to transmit this information safely and to keep our confidential information, our private information away from people that can take advantage of this.

So if we manage to implement this technology in an affordable way, actually I think it will be possible really to make the Internet a safe place. That is becoming one of the priority nowadays in many kind of situation for the government and so forth.

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