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NSERC Prizes 2018: Louis Tessier

Collège Shawinigan and Centre national en électrochimie et technologies environnementales (CNETE)
InnuScience Canada


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NSERC Prizes 2018: Louis Tessier


NSERC Communications



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May 1, 2018


Louis Tessier has collaborated with InnuScience Canada (ISC) to develop effective, environmentally-friendly biotechnology cleaning products. Tessier worked with ISC to create biosurfactants that have several advantages over conventional surfactants: not only are they biodegradable and non-toxic, but they are also more effective, requiring fewer quantities to be used in the final product. And, thanks to Tessier’s unique fermentation process used to produce the necessary microbes and bacteria, the entire procedure consumes less energy. Today, ISC produces its own greener, safer, cheaper and more effective biosurfactants at its facilities, giving the company a strong advantage over its competitors.

Louis Tessier

Canadians expect businesses at the dawn of the 21st century to make a green shift, so, to have greener consumer products, that are still affordable. The project I am currently working on and the projects I have worked on over the past 10 years have been carried out with, among others, InnuScience Canada, which is one of the major long-standing partners. With them, I have worked to develop bioprocesses that involve the use of microorganisms that synthesize biosurfactants, which we use in soaps and detergents. In this case, for InnuScience, it is for green bio detergents.


The fact that we’re working with Mr. Tessier’s team, allows me to, thanks to their expertise, allows me to be practically certain that we will achieve our objective, and do so in a much shorter timeframe.

Louis Tessier

For me, it was very clear from the beginning that they would be the ideal partner to propel these bioprocesses to a higher level.


We benefit from their expertise in this area because we do not have expertise in scaling bioprocesses. So, they provide us with that knowledge, that expertise which allows us to speed things up.

Louis Tessier

Without InnuScience Canada, it would have been difficult to reach the technology readiness level for this project or these projects that we achieved with great success.