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NSERC Celebrates Canada Water Week

March 17 to 24, 2014 is This link will take you to another Web site Canada Water Week. All week long, NSERC is celebrating water-related research. We’ve gathered together videos and stories about some of the water-related research taking place across the country that NSERC is supporting.

Impact Stories

Unraveling the Legacy of Toxic Chemicals

Dr. John P. Smol and Dr. Jules Blais have worked together for more than 15 years to understand the legacy of toxic chemicals in the ground, water and air, and how these stressors have influenced living things.

Tracking Mercury in the Food Web

Mercury can affect the nervous system of fish-eating wildlife and poses health risks to humans who regularly eat contaminated fish.

Oceans of Energy

On the west coast of Vancouver Island, surfers aren’t the only ones asking, “Where are the waves?” Brad Buckham, a University of Victoria mechanical engineer, is producing data that could someday be used to not only catch a wave—but convert it into electricity.

Rain Power

As demand for power grows, utilities are constantly searching for the most efficient ways to generate that power. Cloud physicist Man Kong (Peter) Yau is helping Canadian hydro companies manage their power-generating resources more precisely through improved forecasting of rainfall amounts.

Swimming Robots?

The world’s attention was on Toronto for the G8 and G20 meetings last week, offering an unprecedented opportunity to showcase Canadian achievements.

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More information and stories about water-related research funded by NSERC are available on our Dashboard.