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Connecting with the community on a renewed Partnerships Program

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August 28, 2018


NSERC has begun redesigning its Research Partnerships Program in support of scientific research projects between academic researchers and various partners. The new program aims to offer Canadian researchers, industry, entrepreneurs, and not-for-profit organizations a single point of entry to rapidly develop and grow research partnerships. This redesign will allow for Research Partnerships to be better adapted to the funding landscape. 

Upcoming community briefing sessions

NSERC will be hosting a series of targeted briefing sessions with the community to share an update on the current status of the renewal and seek input on the proposed structure and features of the program.

Representatives from the research community will be invited to attend one of the briefings taking place this fall.

Further details on locations and dates for the briefings will be made available on a soon to be launched page dedicated to the Research Partnerships Renewal.

Have your say!

We encourage you to share your questions, comments and perspectives on the renewal of our partnership programs. Email us at any time at:

To respect privacy and confidentiality, when providing your submission, please advise whether you:

  • consent to the disclosure of your submission in whole or in part;
  • request that your identity and any personal identifiers be removed prior to publication;
  • wish any portions of your submission to be kept confidential (if so, clearly identify the confidential portions).

In addition, please note that information received throughout this submission process is subject to the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. Should you express an intention that your submission, or any portions thereof, be considered confidential, NSERC will make all reasonable efforts to protect this information.

Of note

  • NSERC will continue to administer and fulfill current awards and offer its existing partnership programs until further notice. 
  • As soon as the details for the transition from our current Research Partnerships programs to the new Partnerships program are confirmed, NSERC will provide additional information on this topic.
  • The College and Community Innovation (CCI) Program is not part of this consolidation.

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