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NSERC launches evaluation of discovery research programs

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December 14, 2018

NSERC has launched an evaluation of its Discovery Research programs, a process that the agency undertakes every five years. The evaluation will cover a broad suite of Discovery Research grants, supplements, and institutes, and will look at how effective these mechanisms are in addressing the needs of researchers.

The main lines of evidence will consist of an administrative data review, a bibliometric analysis, and a survey of researchers. The approach and scope of the evaluation have been defined in collaboration with the Evaluation Advisory Committee which is supported by members of the Committee on Discovery Research. In addition to consulting the Evaluation Advisory Committee on the draft survey, focus groups will be organized to obtain comments and feedback from the community.

The research community will be invited to respond to the survey which will be launched in January 2019. The evaluation is a unique opportunity for researchers to make their voices heard and to share their views by responding to the questionnaire. We encourage everyone to participate.

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