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Update on COVID-19 and impact on policies, programs, and operations

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March 13, 2020

Over the last few days, the agencies (CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC) have received numerous questions about how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect various policies, programs and operations. Specifically whether any amendments will be communicated about our position on:

  • no cost extensions
  • extensions to competition deadlines/timelines
  • the peer review processes (including face-to-face meetings)
  • attendance at conferences/events as a requirement of receiving funding, or other research-related travel

The agencies are working together to respond to each of these points and will aim to share an update with the research community next week. In the interim, we encourage the research community to take necessary precautions as outlined by the Government of Canada. Should you have any urgent questions or concerns, please consult NSERC's Contact Us page.

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