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NSERC launches new network of research community experts

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June 18, 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of the NSERC Leaders network. This new network will help foster communication with our research community and encourage universities across the country to stay connected. The NSERC Leaders network will also help us shape policies, plans and activities by listening and collaborating with these stakeholders on the future of science and engineering research in Canada.

NSERC Leaders, selected by their institutions, will serve as key contacts between NSERC and their respective institutions. This network will encourage regular communication and input from our community to help us move forward as we continue to support excellence in research and foster a science and engineering culture in Canada. This initiative will also serve as a platform that will provide advice on first-hand challenges that NSERC-funded trainees and researchers may be facing.

Further information regarding to the NSERC Leaders initiative will be posted to the NSERC website in the coming weeks.

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