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Peer review meetings for the 2021 Discovery Grants competition will take place by videoconference

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July 28, 2020

As NSERC’s flagship program, Discovery Grants provide support to thousands of researchers across Canada. In light of the uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic, NSERC is taking action to ensure effective and timely delivery of the 2021 Discovery Grants competition by adjusting the in-person meeting component of the review to take place by videoconference.

The safety of the hundreds of dedicated volunteer committee members is our priority. There is continued uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including significant travel restrictions with unknown end dates. Even when travel restrictions are lifted, many peer reviewers and staff may still need to maintain physical distancing and avoid travel where possible, due to personal circumstances.

NSERC is committed to maintaining a peer review process of the highest quality, including fairness and consistency between evaluating committees and across competition years. We recognize the complexity associated with the organization of videoconferences for the Discovery Grants peer review and will draw on expertise from other NSERC programs that have used videoconference successfully for many years, as well as new approaches from other funding agencies.

NSERC is extremely grateful for the natural sciences and engineering community’s significant and continuous contribution of time and effort in the operation of the Discovery Grants program, and thanks them for their understanding of the necessary adjustments in our processes this year.

We encourage applicants to read the Discovery Grants program instructions for completing an application , view our “How to Apply” webinars and attend the live Q&A sessions, and to consult the Discovery Grants program description. In the coming weeks, more guidance will be available on how to describe the impacts of COVID-19 within grant applications.

Your insights and informed feedback are essential to Canada's discovery research enterprise. We invite you to contact with any questions you might have.

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