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November 22, 2021

As announced in Spring 2021, NSERC is hard at work developing a new strategic plan that will guide our efforts over the next decade. In phase 2 of our process, we are engaging with external stakeholders on key topics relevant to the future of natural sciences and engineering research funding in Canada. To encourage feedback and input, a series of discussion papers have been published on our website. They are grouped under three themes: Supporting research; Supporting researchers, students and post-doctoral fellows; and Improving funding efficiency and enhancing research use and impact.

We encourage people inside and outside the natural sciences and engineering research communities to review as many papers as they wish, and use the comment form to send us their thoughts and ideas anonymously. Thought provoking ideas, novel perspectives and lived experience examples are welcome. Your feedback will help inform our decision-making process during the development of our next strategic plan: NSERC 2030.

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