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Seeking members for NSERC’s Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

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November 2, 2022

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) is seeking expressions of interest among members of the natural sciences and engineering (NSE) research community from across Canada to join its Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (CEDI). This Committee considers and provides advice on matters pertaining to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in program design, delivery and policies, and reports back to NSERC’s Council.

Who Should Apply?

NSERC invites expressions of interest from individuals who:

  • have experience and/or interest in matters related to equity, diversity and inclusion in the post-secondary ecosystem
  • belong to equity-deserving groups1 or are allies
  • are from diverse career stages (e.g., from graduate to professorial levels), and/or;
  • have experience conducting, managing or using research and represent the academic, private and/or public sectors.

About The Committee

The Committee’s activities are overseen by NSERC’s Vice-President, Research Grants and Scholarships.

The Committee:

  • makes recommendations to the Council or management on NSERC program design, delivery and policies, to ensure equitable, diverse and inclusive access to NSERC’s funding opportunities
  • makes recommendations to the Council or management on measures NSERC can take to influence a more equitable, diverse and inclusive NSE research system and culture
  • makes recommendations to management that studies be initiated or that sub-committees or ad hoc committees be appointed, and;
  • through annual review of statistics, monitors improvements and progress made by NSERC.

Members are appointed for up to four years and may be extended. Service as a Committee member is voluntary.

The Committee meets virtually three or four times per year. NSERC is committed to providing accessibility accommodations. Material is generally provided in both official languages.

See also NSERC - Terms of reference and principles governing membership

How to apply

You are kindly invited to complete the following steps.

  • Complete the anonymous self-identification questionnaire. In the “Information” section, under “funding opportunity” select “Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (CEDI)”; under “role” select “Governance Committee”; and in the “ID” field please input “2022”.
  • Submit an expression of interest through one of the following formats:
    • A freeform document of no more than two pages, or;
    • A pre-recorded video or audio-recording, or;
    • A live phone or video interview. Interviews must be requested by email to the following address, nseequity-equitesng@NSERC-CRSNG.GC.CA or by phone, call 1-855-275-2861.

Your expression of interest should:

    • outline your motivation for being part of the Committee and how you can contribute to the mandate of the Committee
    • highlight any knowledge related to EDI issues, including but not limited to any experience in personal, professional, academic, community, and volunteer contexts.

You may also add any other information that you find relevant to your expression of interest.

Please indicate whether you are interested in being considered for other EDI-related opportunities if you are not selected as a member of CEDI.

Documents should be sent by Monday, November 28 to the following address nseequity-equitesng@NSERC-CRSNG.GC.CA with the subject line “CEDI Membership Expression of Interest.”

To request accommodations (e.g., audio or video with closed captioning; plain language version; version with larger font; Word or PDF documents edited to the applicant’s needs) or for any other support, please contact us by email: nseequity-equitesng@NSERC-CRSNG.GC.CA or by phone, call: 1-855-275-2861.

1The term “equity-deserving” is used to refer to groups that have not been or are not afforded equitable treatment, experience barriers and unequal access, and actively seek social justice and reparation. Equity-deserving groups include but are not limited to women, racialized minorities, persons with disabilities, Indigenous peoples, and 2SLGBTQI+ communities.

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