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Dimensions program’s key concepts revealed to help promote equity, diversity and inclusion in the research ecosystem

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November 30, 2022

For the past four years, a cohort of 17 postsecondary institutions across the country has co-develop the Dimensions recognition program to provide public recognition for CEGEPS, colleges, polytechnics and universities committed to achieving increased equity, diversity and inclusion.

Today, we are releasing key concepts of the Dimensions recognition program that make it unique: the Inclusive assessment framework and the recognition stages. These are important sections of a handbook that was created to guide interested institutions in applying for a Dimensions recognition.

The 17 participating institutions in the cohort have been the first ones to have the opportunity to apply for a Dimensions recognition. Recipients will be announced early 2023.

The Dimensions: equity, diversity and inclusion Canada pilot program was launched by the three granting agencies in 2019 to increase equity, diversity and inclusion at postsecondary institutions and help drive a deeper cultural change within the research ecosystem by identifying and eliminating obstacles and inequities. Dimensions has two components: a charter that postsecondary institutions can endorse and a recognition program.

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