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Supporting a new generation of research partnerships

NSERC will be working with its community to develop a new research partnerships program.

General news

June 6, 2018

The research and innovation ecosystem in Canada has evolved rapidly with significant new investments in recent years. It is invigorating to witness this growth.

Budget 2018 also made significant investments in NSERC to support knowledge discovery. In addition, the Federal Government committed to simplify the landscape of federal grants in support of research and innovation to further accelerate the application of knowledge. Budget 2018 proposed that Engage Grants (including Engage Plus Grants), Industrial Research Chairs, Connect Grants, Strategic Partnership Grants for Networks and Projects, Experience Awards, and the existing Collaborative Research and Development Grants be consolidated into a single grant program.

NSERC will lead in this effort by modernizing, simplifying and improving its Research Partnerships (RP) programs in consultation with its community.

NSERC will seek your input and feedback

Opportunities to provide feedback and input on the new program will take place late Summer and Fall.

In the Interim

  • NSERC will continue to administer and fulfill current awards and offer its existing RP programs, according to their original terms and conditions. 
  • Application deadlines for each of the existing RP grant programs have not yet been finalized; they will be shared with the community as they are known.
  • The College and Community Innovation (CCI) Program is not part of this consolidation.

Moving forward

  • The transition strategy from current programs to the new program will be determined once the new program has been fully developed, and after consultations with the community.
  • Although it is still in the early stages for the development of the program, it will build on the strengths of the current partnerships programs and will also include the following features to adapt to the needs that have emerged in recent years:
    • a scalable program that supports the evolution of a partnership as it grows
    • a broader range of outcomes (economic, socio-economic and environmental)
    • supporting interdisciplinary, national and international collaborations
    • a broader set of partner organizations
    • continued investigator- or partner-driven collaborations, as well as being responsive to specific priorities
    • focusing on potential impact of the partnership
    • working with other funding organizations
    • reducing timelines from application to decision through simplified processes

If you have questions or comments, please email us at .

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