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Changes to the Collaborative Research and Development and Industrial Research Chairs Programs

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July 17, 2018

NSERC is continuing to accept applications and grant awards within our current suite of Research Partnerships (RP) Programs (Engage and Engage Plus Grants, Industrial Research Chairs (IRC), Connect Grants, Strategic Partnership Grants for Networks and Projects, Experience Awards Grants, and Collaborative Research and Development (CRD) Grants), as we carry out the development of the new program that will eventually replace these six individual offerings.

Service response times to our applicants and grantees remains a high priority. As staff is busy working on the development of the new RP Program, we have implemented some minor changes, now in effect:

  • NSERC will continue to be available to answer questions related to applications to the Collaborative Research and Development (CRD) program, but will no longer review draft applications.  Applicants are encouraged to review the program description and instructions for the CRD Program and continue to work with their university Research Grants Office prior to submitting.
  • NSERC’s review of large and/or complex CRD applications (requesting $200,000 or more per year from NSERC) has been simplified: an additional review by the Advisory Committee on University-Industry Grants (ACUIG) will no longer take place after the site visit. NSERC will base its funding decision for the CRD on the site visit committee recommendation. We anticipate that this simplification will lead to faster decisions made by NSERC that will enable important Collaborative R&D projects to start sooner.
  • NSERC will continue to provide comments on draft applications for Industrial Research Chairs (IRC), upon the applicant’s request, but is discontinuing the pre-application procedure for universities seeking an assessment of a proposed Chairholder’s stature through peer review prior to submitting a full IRC Grant application. Universities are invited to carefully review the Stature assessment table and the Application procedures when considering submitting an application. Applicants will continue to have the opportunity to contact NSERC before submitting a proposal (i.e., to ensure the eligibility of a candidate for a specific Chair type or the eligibility of their partners).

NSERC will continue to advise its community of future changes to its programs.

If you have questions or comments, please email us at

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