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Update on NSERC's Research Portal and the Canadian Common CV (CCV)

Research Administrator Functionality

To assist institutions in the transition to the Research Portal and the Canadian Common CV, the Research Portal page provides information on new functionality that allows university and college research administrators to browse, approve and forward grant applications to the agency. This functionality is now available for the Subatomic Physics Discovery Grants Program and the Discovery Grants Program.

Each institution will identify a "master" or primary research administrator responsible for assigning privileges in the Research Portal to other administrators at their institution based on their role. Master research administrators requiring full access privileges must first register by submitting the registration form and reading the instructions before using the Research Portal.

Webinars and Videos

NSERC recently hosted more webinars on the Research Portal and the CCV to assist the research community in preparing and submitting applications for Discovery Grants and Subatomic Physics Grants. To date, over 1,300 members of the research community have benefited from these sessions. We hosted Research Portal webinars on October 7 and 8 to provide additional support to university research administrators with approving and submitting funding applications.

In addition, a series of tutorial videos to assist researchers in completing full Discovery Grant applications is now available on NSERC's Web site.

Feedback and Support

NSERC welcomes continued feedback on ways we can improve the NSERC version of the CCV and will continue in our commitment to assist the community in transitioning to the new systems. We thank you for your participation and valuable input to date, and invite you to consult the updated Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to the most common questions.

If you encounter problems using the systems, contact On-line Services.

Reminder: Full Application Deadlines

The application submission period for Discovery Grants (individual and team) and Subatomic Physics Grants (individual, team, project, research tools and equipment, and major resources) is currently underway through the new Research Portal and the CCV. The application deadlines are highlighted below.

Upcoming NSERC Deadlines

Note: institutions may have an earlier deadline in order to forward applications by NSERC's deadline.

Update on Community Engagement Visits

You may recall that earlier this year, NSERC representatives visited campuses across Canada to seek input from the research community on a variety of topics related to grants, scholarships and fellowships. In total, we hosted 13 visits and met with more than 1,200 researchers, administrators, students and others. Key topics covered at the visits included:

  • Federal Budget 2013
  • Five-year Evaluation of the Discovery Grants
  • Scholarships and Fellowships
    • Harmonization of the Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • New Research Portal and Common CV

NSERC appreciated the turnout and feedback received from the community on key activities and programs. We have found the advice and insight provided at these sessions extremely helpful and have implemented a number of changes in our efforts to meet the needs of the community. We also plan on hosting further visits early next year. In the meantime, visit Connect with NSERC to learn more about how we're reaching out to you for feedback, or contact us at

Latest on the Five-year Evaluation of the Discovery Grants Program

The five-year evaluation of the Discovery Grants Program is well underway and aims to assess the extent to which three key objectives are being met in light of changes made to the peer review process:

  • promoting and maintaining a diversified base of high-quality research capability in the natural sciences and engineering in Canadian universities;
  • fostering research excellence; and
  • providing a stimulating environment for research training.

Using the results from surveys, consultations, interviews, bibliometric data analysis and other resources, members of the International Review Committee on the Discovery Grants Program held their first meeting in July to review the findings.

At the recent meeting of the International Review Committee on the Discovery Grants Program, members reviewed a preliminary report of findings and finalized their conclusions and recommendations. Those were then presented to NSERC's Committee on Grants and Scholarships (COGS) for input and will be discussed further at the COGS meeting in November. We invite the research community to stay tuned to learn more about upcoming activities on the evaluation, or to e-mail us at with any questions.

Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS) - Master's

Thanks in large part to the guidance and expertise of some of Canada's student liaison officers, the Research Portal and Common CV template for the newly harmonized Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS) - Master's Program are now available. Applicants can now access the application form and instructions. The deadline for applications is December 1, 2013. For more information about the newly harmonized program, visit the Tri-Agency Harmonization of the Canada Graduate Scholarships Web page.

Consultation on Open Access

Making research results as widely available and accessible as possible is an essential part of advancing knowledge and maximizing the benefits of publicly funded research for Canadians. In keeping with global trends, NSERC has been working in partnership with SSHRC and CIHR to develop a harmonized policy on access to research publications. This month, NSERC and SSHRC will launch an online consultation to seek feedback from the research community on a draft Tri-Agency Open Access Policy. The This link will take you to another Web site CIHR Open Access Policy remains unchanged and continues to be mandatory. Please visit the Open Access page between October 15 and December 13 to view the draft policy and to obtain instructions on how to submit your feedback.

Register Now: First Gender Summit in North America

As you know, NSERC and its counterpart science and engineering funding agencies are uniting to support the first Gender Summit to take place in North America. It will be held November 13 to 15, 2013, in Washington, D.C.

Participate in important conversations and network with researchers, policy makers, and STEM stakeholders. Space is limited so make sure to register to attend the summit today!

To This link will take you to another Web site register for the summit online and to learn more about it, visit its Web site at: This link will take you to another Web site

New Video Helps Research Teams Prepare for an NSERC Site Visit

Preparing for a site visit review for that large NSERC grant? NSERC's new video, Putting Your Best Foot Forward: How to Prepare for a Successful NSERC Site Visit is designed to help you and your team prepare a successful site visit.

This video includes insights from experienced NSERC-funded researchers, senior university and college administrators and industrial partners who participate in site visits and from experienced Site Visit Committee members and Chairs. Topics covered include:

  • Crafting an agenda managing the logistics
  • Tips for Chairs: Preparing to lead a committee
  • Tips for Site Visit Committee Members: Taking part in the process
  • Best practices: Creating an impactful presentation
  • University or college senior administrators: Your role in the process
  • Industrial Partners: Preparing for the visit
  • Other tips: hosting a lab or facility tour and involving students

Revamped Awards Search Engine Coming Soon

NSERC's Awards Database (formerly known as the Awards Search Engine) is getting a makeover. New features will include a more user-friendly interface and improved search capabilities. The Awards Database is an online searchable resource featuring all of NSERC's awards and funding results since 1991. Users can search for results in multiple ways, including by researcher, institution, region and research area. The revamped database will be updated with competition results for 2012-13 and will be available on October 10.

Join NSERC on LinkedIn

NSERC has joined LinkedIn to communicate more effectively with the research community. Connect with us through our This link will take you to another Web site LinkedIn page.