Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Action Plan

The Tri-agency Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Action Plan was created as a multi-faceted approach to increasing EDI throughout the three granting agencies. It means recognizing and reducing systemic barriers, mitigating biases as well as including and benefiting from the full pool of talented researchers in their programs, processes and systems.

It also involves considerations related to integrating equity, diversity and inclusion in research design and practices. Tri-agency EDI initiatives are designed to strengthen both the research community and the quality, social relevance and impact of research.

The plan comprises close to two dozen initiatives developed around three key objectives:

  • equitable access to funding opportunities
  • equitable and inclusive participation in the research system
  • data and analyses for decision-making informed by equity, diversity and inclusion

Each of the three granting agencies has been implementing measures to increase EDI in its programs for many years. Past and ongoing initiatives and frameworks have informed and are integrated into the Tri-agency EDI Action Plan. This plan gives the agencies a coordinated and harmonized approach to moving forward on EDI.

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Equity, diversity and inclusion


Equity, diversity and inclusion


Equity, diversity and inclusion


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