Equity, diversity and inclusion


Interactive self-identification data dashboards

The following interactive dashboards present competition statistics and include aggregate self-identification data on the population applying to and receiving funds from NSERC funding opportunities:

Collection and reporting of self-identification data

As per the Tri-Agency EDI Action Plan for 2018–2025, the collection of self-identification data is central to the Tri-agency's commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). These data provide information on the diversity of the applicant pool and funded population, as well as on the population participating on selection/review committees. This information increases the agencies’ capacity to monitor progress on increasing equitable and inclusive access to funding opportunities, to recognize and remove barriers, to design new measures to achieve greater EDI in the research ecosystem and to better understand the diversity of selection/review committees.

The self-identification questionnaire used by the Tri-agency includes questions related to date of birth, gender identity, sexual orientation, Indigenous identity, visible minorities, population group, persons with a disability and languages. All responses include the option “prefer not to answer.”

To help NSERC make evidence-based improvements to its programs, applicants and selection/review committee members are encouraged to select the options that best represent their identities.

More information can be found on the Self-identification Data Collection in Support of EDI web page. Questions, comments or suggestions may be sent to NSERC staff at nseequity-equitesng@nserc-crsng.gc.ca.

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