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Guidelines for Organizations Participating in NSERC Industrial Training Programs

To participate in NSERC’s Industrial Postgraduate Scholarships (IPS) or Experience Awards, organizations must have completed an Application (new or renewal) for Eligibility of Organizations to Participate in NSERC's Industrial R&D Fellowships Program, Industrial Postgraduate Scholarships Program and Experience Awards (Form 183B) within the past three years. A separate Form 183B must be completed for each individual subsidiary, branch, division or location of the organization wanting to host a student or fellow.

To create or access an application, select On-line System Login. To view instructions, select PDF Forms and Instructions.

Partner Eligibility Guidelines

The following table lists the type of organizations that may, in general, participate in the industrial training programs shown below.

Type of Organizations
Experience Awards IPS
A private-sector, for-profit organization that is doing R&D and is federally or provincially incorporated in Canada Yes Yes
A private-sector, for-profit organization that is doing R&D and is not incorporated, but is wholly Canadian-owned Yes Yes
A utility or provincial hydro company Yes (some) Yes
A start-up/spinoff company with its own research facilities and technical staff that are separate from the institution Yes
A foreign company (as long as sufficient opportunities will be provided for interaction between the student and the company) No Yes*
An organization that represents a group of Canadian enterprises or producers No Yes**
Consulting firms, engineering firms and other enterprises that do not have production facilities Yes Yes
A government-owned organization, operating as a regular for-profit enterprise, or on a cost-recovery basis Yes (some) Yes**
A government department or agency No No*
A not-for-profit organization No Yes

* With some restrictions.

** The organization must provide evidence of its ability to fund and apply the research through an appropriate Canadian organization or association.

If you are unsure about the eligibility of a particular organization, contact NSERC staff.

In addition to the above, for NSERC industrial training programs, you must:
  • have sound, adequate financial resources;
  • ensure that there is adequate support and supervision at a level suitable for the awardee;
  • be engaged in R&D activities within the natural sciences and engineering;
  • have a demonstrable ability to apply the results obtained from your R&D.
For the Experience Awards, you must also:
  • maintain appropriate research facilities (such as laboratories and computers) on your organization's premises. Organizations operating primarily from a residence or virtual work setting may not be deemed a sufficient industrial setting;
  • have a minimum of two full-time employees;
  • have an established R&D program.

For the IPS Program, you must also maintain appropriate production and/or administrative facilities.