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Recipients of the 2015 Strategic Partnership Grants for Projects and 2014 Strategic Partnership Grants for Networks Competitions

Recipients of the 2015 Strategic Partnership Grants for Projects Competition
Institution Name
Term Award
University of Alberta Robert Hayes
Stable catalytic materials for emerging energy conversion technologies and greenhouse gas mitigation
3 $564,700
  Karthik Shankar
Nanostructured ceramic coatings engineered for reduction of corrosion, erosion, fouling and viscous drag in industrial pipes and tubes
3 $423,000
  Nadir Erbilgin
Using the functional traits of soil fungi to improve post-disturbance pine regeneration
3 $483,511
  Dongyang Li
Development of an electron work function - based microstructure diagnosis technique for developing
advanced structural materials
3 $808,100
  Hongbo Zeng
Understanding molecular interactions and interfacial behaviors of asphaltenes towards development of an integrated bitumen recovery and upgrading process
3 $423,000
  Xing-Fang Li
Identification of new water disinfection byproducts of health importance
3 $453,500
The University of British Columbia Suzanne Simard
Designing successful forest renewal practices for our changing climate
3 $929,000
  Konrad Walus
A Framework for Embedding, Simulation, and Design of Computational nanotechnology using a Quantum Annealing Processor
3 $394,500
  Alireza Nojeh
Thermionic solar energy converter
3 $510,500
  Chadwick Sinclair
Through-process modelling for optimized electron beam additive manufacturing
3 $484,400
  Philippe Tortell
Quantifying climate-dependent and anthropogenic impacts on ecosystem services in the Subarctic Pacific Ocean; State-of-the-art observational tools to inform policy and management
3 $707,100
  Harry Brumer
Biorefining of novel cellulosics from forest fibre resources
3 $532,812
University of Calgary Yaoping Hu
Algorithms and methodologies of controlling unsteady flows
3 $537,000
  Casey Hubert
THERMOSPORE: The deep biosphere, microbe dispersal, and novel strategies for geoenergy exploration
3 $483,987
École polytechnique de Montréal Giovanni Beltrame
A Software Ecosystem for Groups of Heterogeneous Autonomous Robots
3 $364,500
  Ke Wu
Integrated micropower generation through collaborative conversion of hybrid ambient energy for wireless sensor platform
3 $615,500
University of Guelph Graham Taylor
ANR DEEPVISION: Seeing and understanding humans with deep structured models
3 $529,500
  William Smith
ANR- Understanding CO2 capture processes: a combination of reactive molecular simulation,
thermodynamic modelling and experiments
3 $542,656
Institut national de la recherche scientifique Roberto Morandotti
Quantum frequency combs on a chip for encrypted communication and fast computation
3 $426,900
  Serioja Tatu
Innovative Solutions for Future 5G Ultra High Speed Wireless Networks: the Millimeter Wave Interferometric Approach
3 $431,500
  Shuhui Sun
Novel triple-pore based efficient non-precious metal catalysts for O2 reduction in PEM fuel cells
3 $457,817
  Allali Patrick Drogui
Élimination à la source des résidus médicamenteux des eaux usées d'hôpitaux: une approche innovatrice de traitement de contaminants émergents
3 $503,000
  Mohamed Chaker
ANR Smart materials based on vanadium oxide thin films
3 $540,000
  Fiorenzo Vetrone
"Teramometry" -A new non-invasive high-sensitivity biological thermal imaging technique
3 $537,500
Université Laval Louis Bernatchez
Outils de gestion intégrés pour une exploitation durable du flétan du Groenland dans tout l'est du Canada
3 $573,091
  Lucie Beaulieu
Fractionnement électro-membranaire de peptides bioactifs de poisson : le maquereau comme source potentielle de bio-ingrédients et de nutraceutiques
3 $437,828
University of Manitoba Arkady Major
Advanced techniques for efficient frequency conversion of laser radiation
3 $510,000
  Jӧrg Stetefeld
Developing RHCC-NT as new monitoring and remediation tool for Poly-Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)
3 $582,500
McGill University Jinxia Liu
Fluorochemicals in AFFF-contaminated sites: environmental fate, toxicity and treatment
3 $615,871
  Janine Mauzeroll
Surface engineering of advanced composite coatings for significant enhancement to the life cycle of HydroPower infrastructure
3 $427,500
  Subhasis Ghoshal
Promoting a sustainable nanotechnology industry by evaluating the environmental risks of nanoparticle release from nano-enhanced materials in the Canadian environment
3 $563,366
  Francois Barthelat
New laser-engraving strategies for the manufacturing of toughened glass
3 $379,681
  Stephen Yue
Increasing the formability of magnesium alloy sheet
3 $457,200
McMaster University Ray LaPierre
Nanowire photovoltaics
3 $420,000
  Ray LaPierre
Nanowires: A new platform for semiconductor manufacturing with an emphasis in multi-spectral infrared cameras
3 $475,000
  Todd Hoare
Development and application of highly tunable porous biopolymer and smart polymer scaffolds using pressurized gas expanded liquids
3 $370,300
  Michael Brook
Reactive Silicone Inks for 3D Printing Using Microfluidic Mixers
3 $549,500
  Gillian Goward
High resolution in situ imaging and inverse modeling of lithium batteries
3 $567,780
Memorial University of Newfoundland Susan Ziegler
Climate controls on terrestrial-to-aquatic biogeochemical fluxes in boreal forest watersheds
3 $590,812
The University of Ontario Institute of Technology E Bradley Easton
Water and ion transport in ceramic carbon electrodes for fuel cells
3 $363,350
University of Ottawa Diana Inkpen
Social web mining and sentiment analysis for mental illness detection
3 $464,100
Université du Québec à Montréal Yves Bergeron
Capacité de régénération suite aux feux/coupes, de remise en production et de croissance des peuplements juvéniles/immatures en pessière dans un contexte de changement climatique
3 $623,624
Queen’s University   Hossam Hassanein
Robust Crowdsensing for Intelligent Road Services
3 $522,500
  John Cartledge
High capacity coherent transport systems for elastic optical networks
3 $433,560
University of Regina   Guo (Gordon) Huang
Management of clean-energy transition and associated risks through a multi-dimensional optimization approach
3 $579,000
University of Saskatchewan   Jerzy Szpunar
Texture in manufacturing pipeline steels for service in sour environment
3 $345,030
  Jerzy Szpunar
Safer fuel and cladding for future nuclear reactor
3 $443,391
  Markus Hecker
Advancing environmental risk assessment of selenium (ERASe)
3 $725,070
Simon Fraser University   Gregory Mori
Changing the Game: Novel Computer Vision Algorithms for Automated Sports Analytics
3 $527,697
  Mohamed Hefeeda
Cloud-supported Adaptive Streaming of Videos
3 $444,950
University of Toronto Kelly Lyons
Data-Driven knowledge mobilization, translation and innovation
3 $747,000
  Sean Hum
Advanced electromagnetic surfaces for next-generation communications systems
3 $538,400
  Edward Sargent
A monolithically integrated infrared quantum dot laser for silicon photonics
3 $487,433
  Costas Sarris
Integrating physics-based and network protocol design for safety-critical communication systems
3 $377,716
  Elodie Passeport
Beyond the black box: Developing a novel bioretention infiltration - treatment system for sustainable urban stormwater management
3 $419,176
  Dwight Seferos
Tellurium-based reagents and materials
3 $450,000
  Aimy Bazylak
Designing New Materials for electrolyzing clean fuel
3 $585,300
  Ulrich Krull
Droplet microfluidic system for production of high value coatings on luminescent nanoparticles
3 $501,068
  Eugenia Kumacheva
Advanced composite materials derived from cellulose nanocrystals
3 $444,000
  Mansoor Barati
Pyrometallurgical treatment of nickeliferous pyrrhotite tailings for the recovery of Ni, Fe, and S
3 $392,187
University of Victoria Scott McIndoe
Aluminoxane-based Activator Chemistry
3 $350,500
University of Waterloo Lee Hyung-Sool
Innovative technologies for controlling dissolved methane and nitrogen in anaerobic wastewater treatment
3 $567,300
  John Long
2D material thin-film transistors and components for RF/mixed-signal applications
3 $633,613
  Sriram Narasimhan
A novel monitoring and decision support system to manage water loss in urban water distribution systems
3 $503,448
  Karim Sallaudin Karim
High resolution, hard X-ray digital imagers for non-destructive testing applications
3 $597,000
  Slim Boumaiza
Digitally-assisted analog/RF circuits for enhancing the performance of 5G millimeter-wave massive MIMO
3 $581,844
  Jean Duhamel
Hydrophobically Modified Thermoresponsive Starch Nanoparticles for Use in Oil Recovery of Oil Sands
3 $574,220
  Aiping Yu
Advanced graphene fiber based wearable supercapacitor
3 $450,000
The University of Western Ontario Elizabeth Gillies
End-Capped polyglyoxylates: Stimuli-Responsive coating for agricultural products
3 $400,580
  Brian Branfireun
Northern peatland ecosystem responses to climate change
3 $516,281
  Xueliang (Andy) Sun
Atomically controlled Pt-based electrocatalysts with high stability and ultra-low loading for PEM fuel cells
3 $526,800
  Xianbin Wang
Advanced Signal Processing and Networking Techniques for Cost-Effective Ultra-Dense 5G Networks
3 $462,000
Wilfrid Laurier University James McGeer
Tools for risk identification and validation of the effects of elements in Northern Canadian ecosystems (TRIVALENCE)
3 $545,700
University of Windsor Daniel Heath
Great Lakes Recreational Water Security: Microbial community characterization, source tracking and remediation through meta-genomics
3 $509,500

Recipients of the 2014 Strategic Partnership Grants for Networks Competition

Institution Name
Term Award
Ryerson University Bala Venkatesh
NEST Network
5 $4,984,000
Memorial University of Newfoundland Paul Snelgrove
CHONe II Network
5 $4,978,590