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Recipients of the 2016 Strategic Partnership Grants for Projects Competition

Institution Name
Term Award
University of Alberta Robert Hayes
Development of advanced particulate filters for automotive applications
3 $434,000
  Sina Ghaemi
Endurance increase of autonomous underwater vehicles using polymeric coating technology for effective Arctic seabed exploration and monitoring
3 $417,000
  Ray DeCorby
An integrated platform for quantum networks
3 $534,000
  Andreas Hamann
Balancing risks and benefits in developing seed transfer prescriptions for forestry to address climate change
3 $302,440
  Qingxia Lui
Nano-reactive oily bubbles for enhancing fine particle flotation by agglomeration
3 $445,800
  Roger Zemp
Fast MEMS focusing systems
3 $751,667
University of British Columbia Matthias Militzer
Interface-based design: A new frontier of alloy development
3 $677,600
  Xiaotao Bi
MOST- Novel microwave fluidized bed reactor for catalytic pyrolysis of biomass residues and biochar applications
3 $521,425
  Harry Brumer
FUNTASTIC: Fungal copper-radical oxidases as new biocatalysts for the valorization of biomass carbohydrates and alcohols
3 $690,000
  Septimiu Salcudean
Multi-modat, gaze-centred, augmented reality interfaces for ultrasound machines
3 $362,750
  Clarence C.W. De Silva
Research in sensory information technologies and implementation in sleep disorder monitoring
3 $546,600
  Scott Hinch
Effects of injury, pathogens and climate warming on migration and spawning success of Pacific salmon that have escaped from fishing gear
3 $591,925
  Fariborz Taghipour
Development of novel UV reactors operating with microplasma technology for water treatment
3 $449,500
  Russ Algar
Development and manufacture of self-assembled, multifunctional composite nanoparticles with magnetic and fluorescent properties for cell-based assays
3 $526,400
University of Calgary Yang Gao
Novel precision augmentation and integration of low-cost GNSS and MEMS intertial sensors for IoT mobile
3 $388,000
  Mohamed Helaoui
High efficiency and broadband fully integrated MMIC power amplifiers using GaN technology for space and terrestrial wireless communication
3 $673,356
  Paul Barclay
Quantum nano-optomechanical devices
3 $576,000
  Marcus Samuel
Developing extreme climate-resilient canola varieties
3 $359,800
Carleton University Fei Richard Yu
Enabling technologies for future software-defined and virtualized wireless networks
3 $600,000
Concordia University Muthukumaran Packirisamy
Polarization insensitive, microsystem integrated, mono-order grating based, either discretely or continuously tunable wavelength, platform for communication network components
3 $340,500
  Dylan Fraser
From genes to ecosystems: an eco-evolutionary assessment of alternative harvesting strategies and consequences for fisheries productivity
3 $579,840
Dalhousie University Daniel Ruzzante
The genomics of spawning seasonality and seascape in commercially harvested herring (Clupea harengus) in the Northwest Atlantic
3 $539,423
  Michelle Adams
Guiding sustainable bio-industrial synergies for optimal GHG mitigation and regional economic development
3 $589,760
École Polytechnique de Montréal Raman Kashyap
LIMONCELLO: Laser written millimetre long nanocrystalline lanthanide waveguide lasers with rare earth doping
3 $555,504
  Raman Kashyap
WOMBLE: waveguides and optical materials for biomedical and high resolution sensing applications using light enhancement
3 $533,600
  Sarah Dorner
Urban stormwater and municipal effluents: innovative solutions for source water protection
3 $560,940
  Oussama Moutanabbir
Silicon-compatible hybrid organic-inorganic shortwave infrared up-conversion device
3 $726,000
University of Guelph Rod Merrill
Development of natural products as novel miticides and anti-virulence agents for the treatment of Varroa mites and American foulbrood in honeybees
3 $810,000
  Claudia Wagner-Riddle
Understanding the mechanisms for soil ecosystem services from "perennialized" annual cropping systems
3 $614,353
Institut national de la recherche scientifique Dongling Ma
Development of plasmonic-semiconductor nano-assemblies for solar water splitting systems: more efficient and more cost effective
3 $439,840
  Marc Gauthier
Addressing an immediate manufacturing need of the therapeutic antibody industry: reduce viscosity to reduce cost
3 $496,000
  Luca Razzari
Terahertz hyper-imaging systems for advanced manufacturing
3 $499,000
  Ahmed Tayeb Denidni
Innovative agile-antenna solutions for millimeter-wave wireless communications
3 $409,500
  Tsuneyuki Ozaki
Unravelling the terahertz electronic properties of graphene for applications in optoelectronics
3 $540,100
  Federico Rosei
Highly flexible perovskite oxide nanostructures-based hybrid nanogenerators for autonomous wearable devices and body metric applications
3 $622,000
  Shuhui Sun
Hierarchical 3D micro/nanostructured LiMn1-xFexPO4/graphene hybrid composite for high power Li-ion battery and its dynamic study by in-situ X-ray absorption and THz spectroscopies
3 $516,889
  François Légaré
Femtosecond switching and reading of magnetic vortex memory devices
3 $575,499
  Lionel Roué
Développement de nouveaux matériaux et procédés d'élaboration d'anodes inertes et de cathodes mouillables pour la production d'aluminium
3 $523,000
  Vetrone Fiorenzo
ANR - Development of near-infrared mediated photocatalytic nanocomposites for the treatment of turbid wastewater
3 $306,000
  Étienne Yergeau
Novel holobiont-based approaches to rapidly adapt wheat to drought stress
3 $707,200
Université Laval Louis Bernatchez
Integrating genomics, phenotypes and local ecological knowledge towards improving capelin stock management in Canadian Atlantic and Arctic waters
3 $580,915
  Steven Cumming
Supporting avian conservation in managed forests: Forecasting forest biodiversity under alternate land-use strategies
3 $684,150
  Rosa Galvez-Cloutier
Advanced study of unconventional oil behaviour, innovative emergency measures to surface water oil spills: protection of water sources
3 $670,032
  Trong-On Do
New generation of full-sunlight-driven photocatalysts for water decontamination
3 $303,800
  Wei Shi
Integrated mid-IR photonics enabling ubiquitous sensing
3 $616,400
University of Manitoba Ying Chen
Vertical tillage and vertical seeding for conservation agriculture
3 $369,642
McGill University Kirk Bevan
Engineering manufacturable next generation photocatalytic nanomaterials for high efficiency hydrogen fuel generation
3 $513,000
  George Demopoulos
Development of light-chargeable lithium ion battery devices
3 $564,000
  Roderick Guthrie
Lightweight multi-layer composite metal sheet products for the automotive industry
3 $500,500
  Yajing Liu
Induced earthquake source process imaging and groundwater chemistry monitoring in the Western Canada sedimentary basin
3 $676,955
  Xinyu Liu
An Ultrasensitive Microfluidic Biosensor Based on Vertically-Aligned MoS2 Nanolayers
3 $486,400
  Thomas Szkopek
Advanced manufacturing of InN/Si nanowire tunnelling transistors for energy efficient electronics
3 $375,000
  Thomas Szkopek
Ultra high quality transition metal dichalcogenide synthesis by molecular beam epitaxy for integrated light emitting diodes and ion sensitive transistors
3 $543,000
  Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur
Software-enable, energy-efficient hardware infrastructure for next-generation data centres
3 $484,200
  David Juncker
Aptamer-based enrichment system and capillary chip for low-abundance water contaminant detection to ensure aquaculture safety and quality
3 $552,000
McMaster University Rong Zheng
StareCrowd: A new paradigm for mobile crowdsensing
3 $481,700
  Andrew Knights
Amplified silicon photonics
3 $524,500
  Yingfu Li
DNAPrint: a pathogen-tracking paper sensor platform that integrates functional DNA with nanomaterials
3 $672,000
Université de Moncton Marc-André Villard
Développement d'un outil d'analyse et de prédiction de la probabilité de défoliation des conifères par la tordeuse des bourgeons de l'épinette
2 $188,782
University of Ottawa Jules Blais
Determining the effects of a pipeline spill in Canadian Boreal lakes: Experimental additions of diluted bitumen (dilbit) to in-situ enclosures at the IISD-Experimental Lakes Area
3 $794,290
  Azzedine Boukerche
OpContent: Opportunistic Content Delivery in vehicular networks
3 $522,000
  Karin Hinzer
Phototransducers with quantum materials for power + communications over optical fiber systems (PowerCom)
3 $499,038
  Jianping Yao
Microwave photonic techniques for 5G
3 $552,000
Université du Québec à Rimouski Pierre Blier
Prédicteurs métaboliques et physiologiques de la réponse au stress chez les poissons
3 $409,446
Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue Ahmed Koubaa
Alternatives de valorisation des surplus de copeaux de bois pour la production de bioproduits et de bioénergie
3 $579,000
Queen's University Victoria Friesen
Using modern genomics to minimize long-term impacts of resource development on Arctic seabirds
3 $534,000
  Philip Jessop
CO2-Triggered Draw Agents for Forward Osmosis
3 $552,740
University of Saskatchewan Angela Bedard-Haughn
Understanding resilience in agroecosystems: landscapes in transition
3 $852,036
  Qiaoqin Yang
Advanced synthesis and characterization of DLC-based nanocomposite coatings for biomedical applications
3 $634,632
Université de Sherbrooke Jan Dubowski
Mechanisms of biofunctionalization of photocorrosion-based semiconductor biosensors for quasi-continuous monitoring of pathogens in water environments
3 $667,587
  Patrick Paultre
Outil de diagnostic en temps réel des structures de pont utilisant un réseau de capteurs dynamiques intelligent
3 $615,000
  Luc Fréchette
Thermotronics for sero-power continous monitoring wireless sensors
3 $484,115
Simon Fraser University Farid Golnaraghi
A new class of MEMS gyroscopes based on nonlinear coupling and internal resonance
3 $395,800
  Steven Holdcroft
ANR-Nanostructured Ionomers and membranes with controlled architectures for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
3 $364,500
  Erika Plettner
New tools for Varroa mite management in beekeeping
3 $394,158
  Rodney Vaughan
Spatial sound field control with smart sensors and actuators
3 $467,700
  Jian Pei
Fraud investigation at scale: Methods and tools
3 $495,000
Trent University Chris Metcalfe
Wastewater in small, rural communities: Integrated sewage lagoon and ozone treatment
3 $478,800
University of Toronto Ya-Huei Cathy Chin
Catalytic synthesis of specialty chemicals from sustainable resources
3 $372,000
  Robin Marjoribanks
Multi-GHz "Smart" Burst-mode ultrafast-laser processing of microfluidic structures, biological/medical materials and difficult industrial materials
3 $534,113
  Donald Jackson
Applying the metabolic theory of ecology to estimate the productivity of inland fish communities
3 $517,500
  Uwe Erb
New nanocrystalline Cu-Ni alloy processing technology to support Canadian manufacturing Industries in marine, offshore drilling and renewable energy applications
3 $237,213
  Andre Simpson
A digital microfluidic-microcoil NMR discovery platform to elucidate, monitor and understand cumulative environmental stress
3 $591,500
  Shahrokh Valaee
Location-aware security and privacy in 5G wireless networks
3 $441,000
University of Victoria Lin Cai
MOST-Network EVs for green intelligent transportation
3 $565,500
University of Waterloo Zhongwei Chen
Smart graphene-based composites for high-energy and self-healing lithium-ion batteries
3 $487,200
  Dana Kulic
Shared decision making and progressive automation for manufacturing assembly
3 $618,500
  Sherry Schiff
Natural stable isotopes of iron: A new tool to trace Fe cycling for management of risk from harmful cyanobacterial blooms in lakes and reservoirs
3 $665,794
  Norman Zhou
Degradation of emerging water contaminants using novel photocatalytic 3D-printed TiO2 nano-architectures: a case for algal toxins found in harmful algal blooms
3 $580,900
  Philippe Van Cappellen
Reactive interfaces in agroecosystems: quantifying coupled biogeochemical dynamics across scales using a comprehensive lab-field-modeling approach
3 $695,329
Western University Paul Charpentier
Mass production of metal oxide nanoparticles and their integration into polymer coatings
3 $519,800
  Zhifeng Ding
Efficient and low-cost light-emitting electrochemical cells of graphene quantum dots
3 $612,872
  Xueliang Sun
Black phosphorus: synthesis, characterization and energy storage applications
3 $567,000
  Bryan Neff
Restoring biodiversity and a valuable fishery: Atlantic salmon reintroduction into Lake Ontario
3 $595,860