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Recipients of the 2018 Strategic Partnership Grant for Projects Competition

Institution Name
Term Award
University of Alberta Patricia Dolez
Graphene-based end-of-life sensors for fire protective fabrics
3 $569,500.00
  Anastasia Elias
Engineering thermally and electrically conductive nanomaterial-polymer composites for thermal sensing applications
3 $350,446.00
  Yang Liu
Advancing energy recovery from source-diverted municipal wastewater: shaping microbial community through direct interspecies electron transfer
3 $572,000.00
  Janice Cooke
Western gall rust resistance in pines: using genomics to discover resistance mechanisms and develop new tools for tree breeding
3 $619,783.00
  John Vederas
Fatal attraction: Engineering and selecting beauveria bassiana fungal strains for targeted biocontrol of Mountain Pine Beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae)
3 $687,000.00
The University of British Columbia Curtis Berlinguette
Electrocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide into synthetic building blocks
3 $600,000.00
  Steven Hallam
Restructuring cyanobacterial metabolism for high-value compound production
3 $609,865.00
  Lukas Chrostowski
An Integrated Quantum Key Distribution Transceiver using Silicon Photonic Circuits
3 $526,500.00
  Vincent Wong
Technologies to Support Enhanced Mobile Broadband and Tactile Internet Applications in 5G Wireless Systems
3 $515,260.00
  Nicholas Coops
Remote mapping and characterization of riparian forests and fish habitat potential using advanced remote sensing approaches
3 $552,187.00
University of Calgary Paul Barclay
Quantum phononic-photonic-spin networking devices
3 $532,500.00
  Svetlana Yanushkevich
MOST:  Biometric-enabled Identity Management and Risk Assessment for Smart Cities
3 $677,500.00
  Sean Rogers
Environmental and genomic consequences of alternative hatchery rearing practices on Pacific Coho salmon survival and enhancement
3 $501,079.00
Carleton University Gabriel Wainer
SUSTAIN: Sensor-based Unified Simulation Techniques for Advanced In-building Networks
3 $617,000.00
Dalhousie University Kevin Plucknett
Advanced alloy surface modification using ultrasonic pulsed waterjets
3 $599,075.00
  Glenn Crossin
Interactions between migration, marine survival, and disease susceptibility in Atlantic salmon
3 $716,670.00
  Sara Iverson
Use of acoustic telemetry and First Nations' traditional knowledge to determine the movements and habitat use of valued aquatic species, and their environmental correlates
3 $1,020,793.00
  Markus Kienast
Climate and ocean dynamics informing resource management and adaptation policy
3 $685,371.00
École de technologie supérieure Sylvain Cloutier
Ultra-low-cost printed flexible sensors for disruptive IoT applications
3 $807,000.00
University of Guelph Manish Raizada
Developing climate change resilient corn and wheat to combat Fusarium disease by enhancing the plant microbiome
3 $304,300.00
  Merritt Turetsky
Improved characterization of permafrost vulnerability to support decision makers, infrastructure, and community stewardship in the Northwest Territories
3 $577,020.00
Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) Daniel Guay
Superaerophobic porous 3D catalytic electrodes for water splitting
3 $595,550.00
  Jonathan Perreault
Electrochemical drug sensing with hydrophobic compound-adapted aptamers
3 $589,000.00
  Shuhui Sun
Strategies to obtain stable, active and operforming non-PGM catalysts for the reduction of oxygen in H2/Air PEM fuel cells
3 $579,000.00
  Claude Fortin
Terrestrial-aquatic mobility of  technology critical elements in a changing Canadian environment (TAMTeC)
3 $623,533.00
  Jose Azana
PERSEUS: Programmable Elastic broadband information processors with controlled high precision frequency and time Reference SystEms Using all optical fiberS
3 $526,500.00
  Roberto Morandotti
Frequency domain nonlinear optical conversion for efficient high-dimensional quantum processing
3 $599,600.00
  Roberto Morandotti
Optical reservoir computing for machine learning at the speed of light
3 $573,000.00
  François Vidal
In situ and real-time measurement of platinum group metal concentrations by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
3 $462,700.00
Université Laval Grant Vandenberg
A novel biofungicide derived from black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larval frass
3 $567,607.00
  Laurent Bazinet
Procédés électromembranaires appliqués à la valorisation du sang d'abattage: mise au point d'un procédé séquentiel de bioproduction et de séparation sélective de peptides bioactif
3 $648,358.00
  Louis Bernatchez
L'ADN environnemental comme nouvel outil de gestion de la faune piscicole au Québec
3 $361,350.00
  Louis Bernatchez
Production d'omble de fontaine adaptée aux changements climatiques: évaluation de l'importance des effets épigénétiques
3 $530,600.00
  Peter Vanrolleghem
Waste2Feed - Resource recovery from bio-waste as high-efficiency fertilizers for food production
3 $606,750.00
University of Manitoba Emma McGeough
Perennial forage grains for fall grazing of beef cattle
3 $806,945.00
  Jan Oleszkiewicz
Aerobic granular sludge in continuous flow reactor configuration
3 $357,995.00
McGill University George Demopoulos
Development of 3D hybrid electrolytes and nanostructured electrodes for scalable manufacturing of new-generation high-energy density solid-state lithium batteries
3 $580,500.00
  Jun Song
Predictive assessment of hydrogen diffusion and segregation in high-strength steels: an ICME approach
3 $489,880.00
  Dominic Frigon
FECES-TO-FARM: technologies and molecular tools for controlling the dissemination of antimicrobial resistance from humans to animals while recovering fertilizing nutrients
3 $591,042.00
  Maryam Tabrizian
Aptamer-based surface plasmon resonance detection of legionella pneumophila in water systems
3 $469,900.00
  Lawrence Chen
Software-defined cloud radio access networks enabled by a reconfigurable general microwave photonics signal processor
3 $558,300.00
  David Plant
Autonomous Optical Networks that fully exploit System Margins
3 $489,450.00
  Dominic Frigon
Photoheterotrophy for economical production of bioplastics from municipal organic waste: Integration of polyphosphate metabolism and P-recovery chemistry to maximize PHA yields
3 $507,249.00
Mount Royal University Michelle DeWolfe
Evaluating mineral potential of the Winter Lake greenstone belt, Slave craton, Northwest Territories


Ontario Institute of Technology (Now Ontario Tech University) Langis Roy
ANR - Reconfigurable Wireless Components Using Field Programmable Microwave Substrates (FPMS)
3 $476,500.00
University of Ottawa Robert Boyd
Plasmonic spectral filters from the visible to the far-infrared region
3 $755,500.00
  Pawel Hawrylak
Electron-spin-based Quantum Circuits in 2D Materials (QC2DM)
3 $891,672.00
  Karin Hinzer
ASPIRE: Arctic solar photovoltaics: innovation for renewable energy
3 $702,094.00
Queen’s University Richard Oleschuk
Advanced sample introduction methods for mass spectrometry
3 $734,600.00
  Hossam Hassanein
Machine Intelligence and Big Data Analytics for 5G Networks and Beyond
3 $593,000.00
  Kerry Rowe
Geosynthetic liners for sustainable development of Arctic mineral resources
3 $587,351.00
Université de Sherbrooke Soumaya Cherkaoui
Enabling IoT Analytics across Edge and Cloud Platforms
3 $480,500.00
Simon Fraser University Carlo Menon
Seamless interaction
3 $505,823.00
  Oliver Schulte
Reinforcement Learning for Sports Analytics
3 $570,633.00
University of Toronto Peter Herman
3D Additive/subtractive laser manufacturing of photonic circuit and sensor micro-systems
3 $651,960.00
   Wai Tung Ng
MOST - Manufacturing and applications of GaN power semiconductor devices/modules
3 $590,042.00
  Yu Sun
Development of new techniques for high-speed and high-accuracy industrial part metrology
3 $495,886.00
  Keiko Yoshioka
Development of bacteria-based plant immunity activators
3 $491,495.00
  Sean Hum
Innovative Satellite Antennas for Emerging M2M/IoT applications
3 $473,775.00
   Erin Bobicki
Novel strategies for CO2 utilization and storage in mineral processing
3 $471,230.00
  Carl Mitchell
Identifying and evaluating the effectiveness of best management practices to mitigate mercury contamination in managed forests
3 $584,870.00
Trent University Céline Guéguen
Advancing clean water treatment technology through euglena transcriptome modulation and metabolome mining
3 $797,104.00
University of Waterloo Hamid Jahed
Cost-effective lightweight complex-shaped structural components made of magnesium: A hybrid manufacturing paradigm
3 $747,000.00
  Yuning Li
Polymers for lightweight and environmentally stable flexible solar cells
3 $582,000.00
  Pavle Radovanovic
Electroluminescent metal oxide quantum dot devices for sustainable solid state lighting technologies
3 $772,280.00
  Brian Dixon
Genetic and probiotic improvement of immunity in triploid Chinook salmon
3 $556,000.00
  Philippe Van Cappellen
Assessing risks of eutrophication by urban stormwater runoff under climate change
3 $676,569.00
  Guang Gong
Security and Privacy for Hybrid Centralized and Blockchain Computing in the Internet of Things
3 $557,150.00
University of Western Ontario François Lagugné-Labarthet
Development of a super-resolution stochastical optical reconstruction raman microscope for online nanoscale electronic and photonics devices quality control
3 $509,493.00
  Mark Bernards
Changes in ginsenosides and soil biodiversity related to management of ginseng replant disease
3 $660,802.00
  Abdallah Shami
Smart Virtualized Platform for Cloud Management Systems
3 $486,000.00
  Danielle Way
Integrating acclimation capacity of tree species into assessments of climate change impacts on Canada's boreal forest productivity
3 $637,720.00
Wilfrid Laurier University Stephanie DeWitte-Orr
Using phytoglycogen to deliver long dsRNA molecules as an antiviral drug in shrimp
3 $719,692.00
University of Windsor Christopher Weisener
Application of targeted transcriptomics for determining early nutrient sediment retention capacity (NSRC)
3 $622,200.00
York University Sergey Krylov
Technologies to enable automated manufacturing of validated pharmaceutical hits
3 $952,217.00