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Fonds d’innovation sociale destiné aux collèges et aux communautés 2021

Collège Titre Durée Montant accordé Financé par
Cégep de Drummondville Rester amoureux malgré la maladie d'Alzheimer: développer, expérimenter et évaluer une trousse Web d'activités sensorielles favorisant l'expression affective et la réciprocité 3 359,899 $ CRSH
Cégep de Jonquière Coconstruction d'un programme de formations visant à la prévention et à la sensibilisation en matière de violences sexuelles en milieu collégial 3 358,839 $ CRSH
Cégep de Victoriaville Insertion socioprofessionnelle des jeunes adultes présentant un trouble du spectre de l'autisme (TSA) par l'agroalimentaire 3 359,922 $ CRSH
Centennial College Gender-Affirming, Life-Affirming: Centering gender-independent, trans, nonbinary and intersex youth in puberty education with adaptive interactive media 3 360,000 $ CRSH
Collège Boréal Understanding the Canadian Way of Death by advancing and strengthening innovations in services, rituals and human resources in Ontario's post COVID-19 Bereavement Sector 3 329,462 $ CRSH
Collège de Maisonneuve Laboratoire d'innovation funéraire (LIFe) 3 347,408 $ CRSH
Conestoga College Improving Worker Health & Performance in Construction: Implementation and Adoption of Advanced Technologies 3 360,000 $ CRSH
Conestoga College Weejeedamin: An Indigenous Land-based Futurity 3 360,000 $ CRSNG
Dawson College The Food Justice and Sustainability Hub: Building and Extending Capacity for Equitable, Resilient, and Sustainable Food Solutions 3 360,000 $ CRSH
Durham College Raising Resilient Families: Empowering Parents with Cognitive Challenges 3 342,034 $ CRSH
Fleming College Barriers to policing as a career choice for Indigenous persons 3 355,356 $ CRSH
George Brown College A Roadmap for Digital Transformation of Ontario Museums 3 360,000 $ CRSH
Georgian College Growing a Region of Changemakers: Building Educator Capacity to Measure and Support Students' Growth as Social Innovators using Participatory Action Research 3 360,000 $ CRSH
Holland College Boxing up the Basics: a hands-on cooking project to increase independence, life skills and experience in the kitchen for individuals with mild-moderate intellectual disabilities 1 120,000 $ CRSH
Humber College Developing a Best Practice Model for Mental Health Crisis Care: A Community-Engaged Approach 3 360,000 $ IRSC
Humber College Digital Narratives: Indigenous Economic Development 3 360,000 $ CRSH
Justice Institute of British Columbia Developing a mass care framework for British Columbia 3 360,000 $ IRSC
Kwantlen Polytechnic University Redefining progress: Food system policy innovation for societal wellbeing 3 348,895 $ CRSH
Lambton College Design and Development of Immersive 3D game for Aamjiwnaang First Nation to Educate the of Youth of their History, Culture and Community 3 360,000 $ CRSNG
Lambton College Assessment of a Cannabis-based Treatment Approach to Mitigate the Risk of Social Isolation in Dementia Populations in Long-term Care 3 360,000$ IRSC
Northern Alberta Inst. of Technology Applying traditional knowledge to reclamation of industrially disturbed boreal forest 3 360,000 $ CRSNG
Northern Alberta Inst. of Technology Developing an Integrated Tool for Municipal Hazard and Risk Identification and Mitigation 3 360,000 $ CRSNG
Nova Scotia Community College Increasing access and availability of the culturally-significant sweetgrass for Mi'kmaq communities 3 360,000 $ CRSNG
Red River College Building Performance Evaluations for New and Existing Long-Term Care Homes 3 360,000 $ CRSNG
Saskatchewan Polytechnic Assessing the mental health support needs for Indigenous adolescents residing in rural and remote Sask: A mixed methods study exploring the potential of virtual reality technology 3 360,000 $ CRSNG
Selkirk College Courageous dialogues: building capacity to transcend polarization in civil society 3 360,000 $ CRSH
Seneca College Building Community Food Resilience through Urban Agriculture 3 360,000 $ CRSH
Sheridan College Community Ideas Factory: The Life Skills Project 3 356,400 $ CRSH